Noir & Caitlin – Black (Extended Version) + Remix

Noir & Caitlin – Black (Extended Version) + Remix Comments


When the discussion of Denmark artists comes into play, one that should be an instant go-to would be René Kristensen, otherwise known as Noir. With an overwhelming catalogue and being responsible for one of Germany’s brightest labels (Noir Music), René is a individual always looking searching for something special and out of the ordinary. The latest release on his label collaborated with Caitlin's vocals called ‘Black’, is one of 12 productions for his debut album which will be taking things towards the darker side of electronic music. As a bonus, we have included Thomas Schumacher’s remix, which definitely turns things up a few notches and has received a great deal of support since it's release. 2015 appears to be extremely bright for Noir and the label, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

'BLACK' explores the darker corners of Noir's studio persona, opening with a deep bassline and atmospheric piano chord. Songstress Caitlin provides the sublime and haunting vocals, longingly expressing the emotional misery and yearning, which go hand in hand with heartbreak. Caitlin’s beautifully sustained tones are then met with a chunky, Italo house inspired beat that's awash with 80s-inspired synths, instantly transforming 'BLACK' into a powerful piece of electronica. With 'BLACK' and its predecessor both showcasing Noir's diverse skills as an artist, his debut album promises to delve even deeper; presenting 12 songs that will each feature a selected artist and explore the various layers of electronic music. 'BLACK' is another taste of what's to come from one of 2015's most highly anticipated debut albums.'

Available via Beatport: HERE

PREMIERE : Hernene – In My Room EP | Les Professionnels Remix

PREMIERE : Hernene – In My Room EP | Les Professionnels Remix Comments

Rock It Science Laboratories has recently resurrected in Los Angeles and they continue to debut some of the best up and coming artists in the genre. They are starting to establish themselves as the label who goes out and fines new talent and we hope that all their artists begin to get the recognition that comes along with quality productions like this one. The EP is called 'In My Room' and was crafted by Los Angeles artists, Hernene. This article however, is focused on the Les Professionnels' CONTINUE READING


Founded back in 2006 by Robbie Akbal (Facebook | Soundcloud), Akbal Music has been a dominant force throughout the dance music industry. Based out of Mexico, this cutting-edge label features the sounds of artists such as: Kiki, Patlac, Miguel Puente, Robbie Akbal, Aidan Lavelle, Special Case (Culprit) and Muan + FÜCHUSE. With each artist contributing a great deal of releases topping the Beatport charts, Akbal Music should be familiar to most by now. Celebrating their 8 YEARS OF AKBAL MUSIC, CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 37 – Matt Hardinge

TUFF Tape Vol. 37 – Matt Hardinge Comments

Taking the reigns for the next edition of our TUFF Tape series is none other than Motek label boss Matt Hardinge. With an early residency at one of London’s renowned venues The Ministry of Sound, Matt has been equipped with the necessary experience of playing big crowds alongside some of the world’s most sought after artists. Besides the pursuit of his own personal career, Matt has erupted one of U.K.’s brightest labels, Motek. As most of you know, Motek has hosted some of the hottest CONTINUE READING
Sintope Radioshow #003 – Stan Ritch

Sintope Radioshow #003 – Stan Ritch Comments

It has been a few days since the release of Sintope Digital’s #003 podcast created by Stan Ritch, but we feel that it is a piece of work that should be heard by all. Stan Rich is a young French producer who has released on a handful of labels since his inception into the industry back in 2010. Recently, Stan has found an appropriate home amongst the Sintope Digital family, which is a Romanian based label founded by Robert and Dani, otherwise known as NTFO. Among its roster are artists such as: CONTINUE READING
SOMNE – Millenium | EP

SOMNE – Millenium | EP Comments

SOMNE is the new project by Federico Maccherone, the former other half of Clockwork (Life and Death). With his 'Millenium' EP on Boddika's Nonplus Records, Federico delivers an astonishing debut EP that sets the tone for things to come from his new project. The five track player is a mixture of dark and melodic techno, breaks, and electronica. Already a staple in the sets of heavyweights such as Tale of Us, it's guaranteed you will be hearing these tracks out for many nights to come. The sounds CONTINUE READING

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