Free Download: Housing Corp – Hit The Club EP

Free Download: Housing Corp – Hit The Club EP Comments


New York based-duo Housing Corp is offering up their new EP for free download on their Soundcloud page, featuring a beefed-up remix from S. Jay. The tracks are pure G-house, so if that's your thing, these are a safe bet, as Housing Corp assures:

With "When I Hit The Club", we set out to make a huge G-House track that could fit in the peak part of our DJ sets. We've tweaked this after many tries on the dancefloor and can say without hesitation that it works. The sample really stood out to us because it's dark and gangster, but you also can't help but not take Slim Thug that seriously. "Blowing on that endo, Game Cube Nintendo…" LOL.
Enjoy these free feel-good party tracks for free below.
Words With: Darlyn Vlys + Exclusive VOMVO Mix | Sincopat

Words With: Darlyn Vlys + Exclusive VOMVO Mix | Sincopat Comments

Darlyn Vlys is a name that will stand out to most Americans as quite unfamiliar, in both an etymological and musical sense. But from his home of Valencia, Spain across Europe, Darlyn's name is on the tip of many a tongue. We caught up with the French DJ and producer shortly after he completed one of his biggest projects to date--mixing and compiling SINCOPAT's new VOMVO compilation to talk darkness in club music and what it's like working with the multitalented SINCOPAT crew. The good folks at CONTINUE READING
V.A. – Equilibrium | LP | Steyoyoke

V.A. – Equilibrium | LP | Steyoyoke Comments

Possibly one of our favorite labels right now, Berlin based Steyoyoke Recordings, venture into unchartered waters with this new project that combines years of hard work and marks the release of their very first album titled ‘Equilibrium’. The Steyoyoke artists are united within a unique concept, that utilises the four classical elements of fire, air, water and earth, bringing you a creative expression that reflects a state of balance between art, music and the natural elements. Each track CONTINUE READING
Fat Sushi – Warehouse | EP

Fat Sushi – Warehouse | EP Comments

Fat Sushi were for the first time on Suara with 'Wake Up' featuring the vocals of US legend Roland Clark released on the last Kitties Wanna Dance Compilation. Now they signed their Suara debut EP with a groove foccused two track release. 'Warehouse' has everything you want from a perfect Tech-House track: A catchy melody with a constantly pushing vibe. 'The Groove' has the ability to work on the dance-floor just as well as in the background. This fresh EP from Fat Sushi smells like Summer! CONTINUE READING
Aden – Tanz | EP

Aden – Tanz | EP Comments

Ultramajic is building a core of secretive producers. After closing out 2014 with a record from unknown newcomer Crystal Bandito, the label will return in 2015 with an offering from semi-anonymous beatmaker Aden. The tracks on Tanz are hewn from bouncing drums, vocal yelps, glittering keys, and a few functional white noise-infused breakdowns that pack a solid dose of energy and spirit. From rigid pumpers to soothing textures, the Tanz EP contains a range of moods to fuel human bodies on the CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: CW/A – Clockwork and Avatism – Live at Fabric London

T.G.I.M.: CW/A – Clockwork and Avatism – Live at Fabric London Comments

For this Monday's dose of tunes, I have chosen a set from a live project consisting of Italian friends Clockwork and Avatism. Their live collaboration has been dubbed quite simply, CW/A and has already made a huge impression within the genre.  CW/A came out with a four-track 'Conducting the Method' EP, which was released by Vakant in September of 2014 and have been playing live shows together ever since. The two Milano producers, Clockwork and Avatism, have been very close friends since childhood, CONTINUE READING
BPM Festival: Hector Presents Vatos Locos @ Canibal Royal

BPM Festival: Hector Presents Vatos Locos @ Canibal Royal Comments

This is definitely one of the BPM parties we're most excited for.  This crew has been carving out a new niche in tech-house with some of the freshest and most muscular beats around. Chad Andrew and David Gtronic are the real treats here, but they're supported by the veteran Hector and a rock solid cast. As always the music speaks best, so if you're unfamiliar or just want to get warmed up, check out the crew's Vatos Locos mixes in the stream below. Vatos Locos at BPM 2015 goes down next week CONTINUE READING

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