The Footnotes: Pyrex Vision Comments

Do you remember when Kanye wore a woman’s blouse during his Coachella performance last year? Some called it the best pop-fashion moment of the century. Well, the guy that dressed Kanye for Coachella and keeps him fresh on a daily basis (leather kilt with black Jordan’s anyone?) is Virgil Abloh, Chicago native stylist/designer.

Virgil has just teamed up with Chicago boutique RSVP Gallery for an exclusive line of t-shirts that won’t hurt your pocket as much as a Givinchy T, but will still help you stand out in a title-wave of summer t-shirts. Virgil released two shirts under his Pyrex Vision line and one even dons that Celine blouse Kanye put to death.  Virgil is an influencer to keep an eye on for what’s next, from the trap music trend to photos of Kanye with stacks of magazines.

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