A New Dawn | Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis and Boom Festival Comments

We stand at the cusp of a new humanity and honor our roles as bringers of the dawn. From the West Coast of California to the world at large, groups of forward reaching beings are seeking valuable information and connections that propel us all forward through our journey on earth. From Lightning in a Bottle in California, to Symbiosis on the sacred lands of the Paiute, to Boom Festival in Portugal, we are exploring a new way of living together. As one human soul connects to another, we transform and evolve our living social fabric. We move forward toward a crossroads of history creating a more harmonious way of living by seeing ourselves in each other, seeing all beings as one. We dissolve the invisible lines that divide us, raise our own vibration, and thus the vibration of the entire planet.

We rise up and band together in an environment filled with creativity, inspired play, music and new understandings. Lightning in a Bottle, Boom Festival, and Symbiosis Gathering have been creating intentional spaces that inspire and align our souls, allowing us to go deeper to light the candle of our consciousness so we may share it with humanity. For two weeks in May, beginning with a solar eclipse at Symbiosis, we will celebrate the light of life and shine forth into Lightning in a Bottle the following weekend.

With these two events, west coast festival culture offers an opportunity to share moments with one another and find how to be the change we wish to see in the world. Our brothers and sisters in Portugal will carry the flame through the summer at Boom Festival in July, where members of The Do LaB, the Lucent Temple and Symbiosis will also be participating. Join us as we make connections, experience peak moments, and participate in the awesome beauty of the universe.

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