FRAME^WORK – Subb-An | SONNS – Sound 4.4.14

FRAME^WORK – Subb-An | SONNS – Sound 4.4.14 Comments

Our Framework family is reuniting this Friday after one hell of a showing in Miami for WMC 2014 and the second edition of the Red Bull Guest House. Sound partnered with RBMA for the Guest House's 'Breakfast Club,'  an after hours/early bird gathering for those not faint of heart and one that left many of the team down for the count until next weekend. Not to worry though! One of Red Bull's recent guests to their London studio is Sound's guest of honor this week, a local London bloke, Subb-an! This CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Subb-An – Red Bull Studios London |Mix Monday

T.G.I.M.: Subb-An – Red Bull Studios London |Mix Monday Comments

Today is one of those Mondays where we all wish we had the day off. I pretty much slept through Sunday after three nights of proper partying and woke up today an hour late because of the unexpected time change... How is it March 10th already? I guess time flies when your having fun... It also flies when you're drunk for 72 hours at a time. Regardless, Happy Monday and for this week's installment of T.G.I.M. we have a Red Bull Studios mix done by Subb-an. Ashique ‘Subb-an’ Subb-an is a British CONTINUE READING
Huxley & Shenoda – Chatsworth Sound | EP

Huxley & Shenoda – Chatsworth Sound | EP Comments

Since 99', Defected Records has been the home to some of the most hardened names and timeless releases in house music. Recently rebranded by label boss Simon Dunmore, with the help of famed designer and illustrious Playgroup visionary Trevor Jackson, Defected has gone back to basics moving forward with a new vision as it approaches it's 15th year anniversary. These UK underground sounds they keep pumping out continue to gain immense traction worldwide, setting the bar, and their latest release CONTINUE READING
Mika Materazzi & Lefty Gunz – Material Things

Mika Materazzi & Lefty Gunz – Material Things Comments

Born and based in Miami, Mika Materazzi is a name that is on the rise in the house music industry. Mainly focusing his projects and appearances in his home state of Florida, Mika is an artist who always brings new sounds to the table. Representing unique labels such as: Push Play, Mr. Nice Guy and Circle Music, just to name a few, should give one the picture of how much talent this artist truly possesses. His latest track with Lefty Gunz ‘Material Things’, incorporates a little bit of everything CONTINUE READING

Saccao – WMC Sampler 2013 Comments

Konstantinos Sakkas aka Saccao, has been creating some unique and amazing sounds over the past year. His first introduction to EDM was at an early age of 14, where he was able to play at local bars and clubs in Athens City. After getting his feet settled in Athens, he decided to take his music to the next level and approach a more professional angle. His latest ‘WMC Sampler’ puts all of his cards on the table, distributing an endless variety of deep house and EDM jaw-droppers. This sample brings CONTINUE READING

MIAMI- WMC | Thursday March 20, 2013 Comments

 To Keep the week long bender going, here's our choices for your Thursday festivities. GOD DAMN THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN. THURSDAY .... ALL OF THEM ARE A MUST.  Hot Creations - Paradise Miami at Ice Palace- Tickets and LINEUP  Dirtybird Players - Miami Edition at Villa 221- TICKETS and LINEUP Crew Love at Electric Pickle - TICKETS and LINEUP  Circoloco Miami at The Surfcomber - TICKETS and LINEUP Last Night On Earth Sunset Cruise at Biscayne Lady- TICKETS and LINEUP Voodoo_trust CONTINUE READING

MIAMI- WMC | Wednesday March 19, 2013 Comments

Ok, so Maimi WMC has just started and we will be in full attendance whether we actually remember it or not. We only thought it fitting to give you a play by play of where to party with us and what to do while you are surrounded by so many good parties all week. Heres a look at what Wednesday's festivities look like, and we will keep you updated all the way through Sunday.  ** IS EXTRA SPECIAL. WEDNSDAY: ** Gato Y Disco at Bardot - TICKETS AND LINEUP Flying Circus Miami - 6th Anniversary CONTINUE READING

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