SIX MARTINIS SAVE US w/ Jonas Saalbach (live), Andrea Ljekaj, Nino Bellen and di.merki

SIX MARTINIS SAVE US w/ Jonas Saalbach (live), Andrea Ljekaj, Nino Bellen and di.merki Comments

With such an overwhelming schedule of shows and events going up in Europe over the summer, we have one specific showcase that our eyes have been set on for the 4th of July. If you happen to be around Croatia, Save Us Records just so happens to be displaying two of their finest artists, Jonas Saalbach and Andrea Ljekaj. With these two on board, we can guarantee that this evening will be one for the books. Be sure to check out all the information about the event below and we highly suggest CONTINUE READING
Sian – Anthracite | Album Tour 2015

Sian – Anthracite | Album Tour 2015 Comments

Sian hits the road on a techno voyage through the Americas to celebrate his 23-track LP Anthracite, to be released on his very own Octopus Recordings August 3rd, 2015. Pummelling basslines and infectious groove, will land in 27 cities from July to December 2015. Known for producing classic modern techno and spearheading one of the top 5 selling techno labels worldwide [Octopus Recordings], Sian will undoubtedly set the tone for a wicked 2015 tour. "The album consists of 23 tracks, CONTINUE READING
Sezer Uysal – Wilderness | FREE DOWNLOAD

Sezer Uysal – Wilderness | FREE DOWNLOAD Comments

We are happy to introduce Sezer Uysal, a Turkey born and bread artist/producer who has been attracting a good deal of attention over the past couple of years. Representing a handful of prominent labels such as: Suara, Manual Music, Hope Recordings and Ministry Of Sound amongst others, Sezer is one of those producers that always delivers high-quality music. Packed with the cleanest of keyboard operation riding alongside an adventurous bassline and seesawing synths, this release can be added to CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 46 – DINK!

TUFF Tape Vol. 46 – DINK! Comments

DINK has been a music enthusiast his entire life. Growing up as a percussionist, he was drawn to the idea of creating energy through rhythm. This allowed him to quickly adapt to the rise of beat-driven electronic dance music in the mid-late 90s. After indulging into Goa trance, he became hooked on the idea of music through technology; always craving the newest, freshest sounds. After getting a copy of Ableton Live in 2006, there's been no turning back. With the ability to really experiment on CONTINUE READING
PREMIERE: Jos & Eli – Atlantis (Original Mix)

PREMIERE: Jos & Eli – Atlantis (Original Mix) Comments

Israeli born and bread duo Jos & Eli have been on a hot-streak since we last spoke with them for 40th edition of our TUFF Tape series. We are happy to present the full premiere of their latest masterpiece ‘Atlantis’, being released on the German based Parquet Recordings. Known for their first-class roster, Parquet Recordings always takes the extra step to present fantastic music to their audiences. It is no surprise that Jos & Eli’s latest EP has found it’s righteous home amongst CONTINUE READING
Lightning In A Bottle 2015 | The Tuff Recap

Lightning In A Bottle 2015 | The Tuff Recap Comments

Lightning Stage (Photo Cred: People In Places) Lightning In A Bottle holds a very special place in my heart. I went to my first Lightning In A Bottle in 2013, a year in my life where I broke out of the cookie cutter festival mold and expanded my reach to gatherings like All Day I Dream, Desert Hearts and Burning Man, to name a few. Besides my previous stints there and vivid memories I hold of the Do Lab at Coachella, I had never experienced, first hand, the wonder of the Flemming brothers' radical CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Jamie Charles – Bananastreet Podcast

T.G.I.M.: Jamie Charles – Bananastreet Podcast Comments

The T.G.I.M. this week is mixed by one of my favorite Los Angeles based producers, UK transplant, Jamie Charles. Jamie is also on one of our favorite LA based labels, Motek, and together they make a powerful combo. I honestly expect big things from Jamie and think that the time is right for his career to take off in a big way. Be sure to follow Jamie and see him the next chance you can. If its an LA gig then you can expect us to be there too. Enjoy. CONTINUE READING

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