Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter | Moon Boots Remix Comments

  Heres a change of pace for Moon Boots, a remix done for Alison Valentine just turned into the perfect track to throw on early Saturday morning. Lounge poolside with your first bloody marry of the weekend as this tune rejuvenates you and readys you to take on the holiday weekend. It is a slow jam with a lot of soul and beautiful vocals. Enjoy humpday and lets get through it to the weekend. CONTINUE READING

T.G.I.M.: Penguin Prison | End of Summer Mix Comments

  What an amazing bender it has been. Between GET LOST LA and Culprit Sessions with Hot Natured, I can honestly say I have spent the last couple of days in a very deep hole. And it was amazing. And when I say it was a fantastic time, I would put it up against any other party in Los Angeles, number one for me this summer and I still buzzing from it. I use my T.G.I.M's to zap myself back into reality after a weekend like this one, so I figured I would need some proper disco and Penguin CONTINUE READING

Russ Yallop – Verboten Transmissions | 059 Comments

Verboten Transmissions arrive from a future New York, a dystopian police state littered with surveillance cameras and urban decay. Crosstown Rebels' rising star Russ Yallop turns in a studio mix inspired by his recent US tour, including his late night July gig with Verboten at SRB. Turn up the speakers and relive the madness with Verboten Transmissions 59. Peace out. CONTINUE READING

MDA Podcast Vol 3 – Music Dept | August Comments

The  MDA Podcast gets it's third installment this month from our good friends, Music Dept. Comprised of Eddie Vela, Rolando Alvarez and Benjamin Beck, the DJ trio "Music Dept" are based out of Los Angeles.Playing locally for years together they team up behind the decks combining their music collections of house and disco for the dance floor. Their individual party time personalities create a vibe of letting go and having fun in any room. This mix is a delicious mix of deep grooves and dark tones, CONTINUE READING

Bondax – Baby I Got That | Justin Martin’s Endless Summer Remix Comments

Is there anything Dirtybird crew member Justin Martin cannot due. Talk about versatile, I mean from his last album and now touching on this super sexy disco funk remix of Bondax's "Baby I Got That" the dude is unstoppable. While the funky Bondax original was satisfied to swirl through the hook-assisted groove, Justin Martin’s remix focuses the tune into a hyperactive house jaunt. Synths, both twinkling and rubbery, bounce off the beat, while the original’s piano stab buildup is replicated CONTINUE READING

Visitor – Coming Home | Lifelike Remix Comments

Lifelike is one of the most exciting French dance artists in a generation – and let’s face it, France has had a few. Lifelike delivers with a killer remix of Vititor's single "Coming Home" due out September 10. This song is a dance floor smasher, or as Lifelike put it, "Pure Sex". This is the first remix to surface from Visitor’s upcoming EP “Coming Home / RNB”. Produced by Diamond Cut, the remix has been floating around the web for about a year now, however it finally got the proper CONTINUE READING

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