Deetron feat. Seth Troxler – Love Song | Music Man Records

Deetron feat. Seth Troxler – Love Song | Music Man Records Comments

It is always a pleasure to present the latest masterpiece on Music Man Records, composed by Steve Bug, Seth Troxler and Deetron. Deetron a.k.a. Sam Geiser, is a Switzerland native who was born with music percolating through his veins. With a father as an early Jazz musician, the attraction towards music came at an early age for Sam. With his early career mainly influenced by hip-hop, Sam soon veered towards the early House sounds of Chicago and Detroit. Sam’s “Twisted” debut album released CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Behrouz | Nice7 | Omid 16B – Groove Cruise Addition

T.G.I.M.: Behrouz | Nice7 | Omid 16B – Groove Cruise Addition Comments

Thank God Its Monday because we have been up in San Francisco all weekend and people just don't sleep there... So I am sitting here still glowing / shaking from the epic Bender I just had with my ROLLINGTUFF family and then it hits me- We are now four nights away from our first Groove Cruise. As most of you know by now, along with a Freddy Be, we were asked to curate the underground stage on the ship. Needless to say we were able to book some top notch acts and I wanted to start this week CONTINUE READING
Making Shapes – KiNK (live)| Matrixmann (live)| DJS PAREJA| Sonns & JENILUV| Lot 613 9.26.14

Making Shapes – KiNK (live)| Matrixmann (live)| DJS PAREJA| Sonns & JENILUV| Lot 613 9.26.14 Comments

We have an amazing weekend falling upon us, as Ten Walls, Recondite, Jon Charnis and Matt Hubert take the throne at Public Works in San Francisco along with Making Shapes’ latest adventure featuring the SF based Matrixmann and Bulgarian native KiNK at Lot 613. We couldn’t be happier supporting Making Shapes latest session, as it features some of the hottest international talent alongside some of our hometown local heroes such as JENILUV. Downtown Los Angeles based Making Shapes has been making CONTINUE READING
Fresh Blood: Agents Of Time | Pulse Radio

Fresh Blood: Agents Of Time | Pulse Radio Comments

Truthfully, I really don't have enough good things to say about the Italian trio Agents of Time. No strangers to our site, Andrea Di Cagile, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo, are three passionate artists who have combined forces to create one of the most mysterious projects to ever come out of Italy. Their innovative sound only adds amusement to their ominous project, keeping their audience on their toes and always guessing what sound will be creeping around the corner. The Italian trio sat down CONTINUE READING
Matt Ossentjuk – minim.all label podcast #047

Matt Ossentjuk – minim.all label podcast #047 Comments

It is our extreme pleasure to present the latest minim.all label podcast produced by Rollingtuff’s very own Matt Ossentjuk. Establishes back in 2011, minim.all is a German based label that features some of the most influential underground artists within the industry. With a never-ending catalogue of authentic mixes and releases, this label has time and time again a constant pursuance of eccentric music derived by innovation and creativity. Representing Rollingtuff in the proper fashion, Matt CONTINUE READING
Label Feature: Yoruba Grooves

Label Feature: Yoruba Grooves Comments

There aren't many better at what they do in the underground than Yoruba Grooves.  The consistency, cohesion, and constant evolution of the UK based imprint's releases are pretty much all you could ask from a label, while sonically, they execute a forward-thinking fusion of unstoppable tech-house grooves and subtle and experimental minimalism. Their output is consistent, as is their ability to break new artists from all over Europe, and their last three releases have all been deserving of CONTINUE READING
Butch – Sinus Tones & 808s EP | Desolat

Butch – Sinus Tones & 808s EP | Desolat Comments

Butch is back on Desolat for the first time since FTS which featured the absolutely mental freight-train Pompino. On Sinus Tones And 808s, Butch takes dead aim at your perception of auditory reality.  He's covering a handful of bases here with the usual debonair grace and apparent lack of effort. 'LFO' and 'Tone 2.0' show his razor-edged efficiency and deadly capability armed only with a kit and a single oscillator, while 'Delusion' and 'Sphere' gently probe the darker and more far-flung reaches CONTINUE READING

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