Serotonin Sunday

Serotonin Sunday – Lee Curtiss Comments

I saw Lee perform solo for the first time this past Sunday at the top of the Standard in LA for another epic Culprit LA party and I lost my mind. I mean, don't get me wrong I knew what I was getting into as I had seen him before with Visionquest, and I've been following him for a while now but geeze what more do you want, the dudes a fucking animal on the decks. Over the last two years Lee Curtiss has made a name for himself creating primal, exquisitely deep and emotional dance tracks that pulse CONTINUE READING

Serotonin Sunday – Crosstown Rebels Present: Get Lost 4 Comments

This was possibly one of my favorite parties/shows of the summer hands down, and now I get to relive it with an epic selection of songs mixed by none other than Damian himself...fuck yea! The Get Lost series began in 2006 with a mix by Damian Lazarus and Matthew Styles, the labels then co-manager. Only two more editions came out after that (by Dinky and Jamie Jones), though the name Get Lost remained part of the Crosstown Rebels brand through their annual party in Miami, which now functions as CONTINUE READING

Serotonin… Tuesday?! – Mirror People Comments

Tony Sopranal here. Been having some technical difficulties with my account and thus bringing you a very special edition of Serotonin Sunday... on Tuesday! Mirror People aka Rui Maia of Porto, Portugal, consistently provides nu-disco instant classics, unmistakable in their catchy snare-drum beats and fun, jazzy piano riffs. Throw in some funky 80's style synthesizers and; well, it just gives me the urge to strut across the dance floor and snort a line of blow off the gratuitously-inflated titty CONTINUE READING

Serotonin Sunday – Fred Falke Comments

Greetings TUFF community! Sadly Harry Woodcock had to leave us for the time being and will not be writing for rollingTUFF™ for a while but we picked up a new dude by the name of Tony Sopranal and we couldn't be more stoked. I'll let him take it from here... Ok so first things first I am a music addict. No joke, families have been torn apart, hearts ripped out, friends backstabbed, pets kicked… all because of the insatiable fanaticism of being an aural-pleasure-fiending-sound-junkie. CONTINUE READING

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