T.G.I.M.: Adriatique – The BPM Festival Podcast 14

T.G.I.M.: Adriatique – The BPM Festival Podcast 14 Comments

Making their second appearance on the T.G.I.M. is Zurich's own Adriatique. The boys from Switzerland have had huge releases on Diynamic, 2DIY4, Culprit LA and  Cityfox and they are far from slowing down. They just put out this new podcast in anticipation of BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen. We will be attending BPM in early January and you can bet your ass we will catch one of their sets down there. CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Newbie Nerdz – Black Clothes Vol. 3

T.G.I.M.: Newbie Nerdz – Black Clothes Vol. 3 Comments

Happy Monday everyone! And even more importantly, Happy Veterans Day! ROLLINGTUFF would like to send our warmest "Thank Yous" out to those who have served our country both domestically and abroad. For those current soldiers, we send you our prayers - Just keep kicking ass because you are the TUFFEST of them all... Oh and this is a really cool mix by our boys the Newbie Nerdz, this shit gets really good around the 12 minute mark too. CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Shadow Child and Kill Frenzy

T.G.I.M.: Shadow Child and Kill Frenzy Comments

This weekend was more than just a fun Bender- I'm tired, but I'm all smiles. Some of of the crew held it down in Los Angeles covering HARD Day of the Dead, while I ventured up to San Francisco to hang with the other half of the operation. I got see how things are done up North and I have to say that I was more than impressed... I'm not even going to explain it... You just have to check it out for yourselves ;) Here are two mixes, an hour each from Shadow Child and Kill Frenzy - compliments of CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Scuba – After Hours Mix Series | Hotflush

T.G.I.M.: Scuba – After Hours Mix Series | Hotflush Comments

London born producer Scuba has seen major success over the 10 years with huge album releases and the emergence of his label Hotflush. He has since then relocated to Berlin where he continues to sign next level talent, such as Jimmy Edgar and George FitzGerald. This week's T.G.I.M. is a compilation of 4 full Scuba sets recorded this summer entitled 'After Hours Mix Series.' You can tell from listening to these sets, that Scuba's taste has moved away from his adolescent dubstep and more towards CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Saccao Mix & Bonus Orginal Track

T.G.I.M.: Saccao Mix & Bonus Orginal Track Comments

Saccao aka Konstantinos Sakkas is an up and coming dj/producer from Athens, Greece. He may be considered an up and comer, however we have been following this guy for some time now, and he is anything but a rookie. Saccao in my mind is going to be a major success in the upcoming years. He has amazing remix capabilities to go along with his impressive original productions. He can mix well and his track selection is on point too. He has had releases on labels such as  Mexa, Stranjjur, Playperview, CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Adriatique – The Recent Mixes

T.G.I.M.: Adriatique – The Recent Mixes Comments

Naird & Alahs are two producers from Zurich, who have been able to release fantastic tracks on labels such as Diynamic, 2DIY4, Culprit LA, and Cityfox. Together they make Adriatique, a more than impressive duo that has caught my attention in the most admirable of ways... I saw them live. Adriatique was one of my top 5 most memorable sets from the summer and it wasn't because they played tracks that I had never heard before, it was more impressive because I had never seen or even heard CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: MK – URB Mix

T.G.I.M.: MK – URB Mix Comments

Even though we love our Mondays, I am still living off a great day time party with Mano Le Tough  and Midland yesterday. I decided to ride that good vibe right on into Monday, and I found myself quite a little Monday mix too. This one is from one of our favorite producers of all time, Marc Kinchen, infamously known as MK. If you follow our site, then you know all about MK. Enjoy the mix and Happy Monday. Track List: 01. Justin Martin & Ardalan – “Wheelgunner” (Eats’ Slight Reebeef) 02. CONTINUE READING

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