TUFF : Tanner Ross & Maher Daniel | 1.29.15 + Ticket Giveaway

TUFF : Tanner Ross & Maher Daniel | 1.29.15 + Ticket Giveaway Comments

Alas, the time has finally come to unite NoFilter and Rollingtuff for our new TUFF Thursdays. This week, we have a phenomenal lineup featuring Wolf + Lamb representative Tanner Ross, Maher Daniel, Jon Dadon and Jimbo James. It has been a long time in the works to be able to give a weekly series in Los Angeles that truly captivate the underground sounds and vibes. Along with Tanner and Daniel, we have the distinct privilege of seeing the San Diego residents Jon Dadon and Jimbo James join in on the CONTINUE READING
Words With: Joris Voorn + ‘Nobody Knows’ Album Review

Words With: Joris Voorn + ‘Nobody Knows’ Album Review Comments

  To start things off,you run two labels, ‘Green’ which seems to focus on more emotional electronic music, and ‘Rejected’ which focuses on club-oriented tracks. How do you wrangle running two labels while still producing music and touring? I do it with my good friend Edwin Oosterwal. He makes sure everything is smooth and running properly. I travel alot and get a lot of music from people in the process. I speak to tons of artists who also send me music as well. It’s good to meet CONTINUE READING
SYMBOL:FLAME – Underground Culture at a Glance

SYMBOL:FLAME – Underground Culture at a Glance Comments

Exactly one year to date, I found myself wandering through Mayan ruins somewhere in deep Playa Del Carmen, Mexico when I ran into someone I would become very close to. I had been up for about 48 hours straight, still high on life from dancing through the night into morning, but something about this particular person intrigued me. I stopped and sat down with him, really with nothing else in mind but to tell him my name and wish him a good day. He was draped in black had a thick beard and a smile CONTINUE READING
The BPM Festival: HotFlush | 1.11.15

The BPM Festival: HotFlush | 1.11.15 Comments

One of London’s most prominent labels Hotflush Recordings, will be making their way back to the playa this year featuring a handful of some of the most reputable artist around throughout Europe. Not only will Hotflush label boss Paul Rose a.k.a. Scuba be making an appearance, but also artists such as Techno heavyweight Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison along with South London Ordnance. Last year's event was spectacular and we know that they will be bringing the same amount of heat to La CONTINUE READING
The BPM Festival: ENDLESS | 1.14.15

The BPM Festival: ENDLESS | 1.14.15 Comments

Based out of Barcelona and founded by the one and only Luca Bacchetti, ENDLESS will be throwing down a massive showcase this year for The BPM Festival on January 14th at the Fusión Beach Club. Both an exquisite record label and continual party, ENDLESS has gained a great deal of momentum and support since it’s inception back in 2012. One will be able to hear the sounds of artists such as: Martin Buttrich, Luca Bacchetti, The Drifter, Jon Charnis, Patlac, Halo Varga, and Robbie Akbal among other CONTINUE READING
BPM FESTIVAL: Last Night On Earth | 1.16.15

BPM FESTIVAL: Last Night On Earth | 1.16.15 Comments

Last Night On Earth has done it again with their latest showcase for The BPM Festival 2015. Sasha will be taking the throne alongside Hotflush Recordings founder Scuba, Simon Baker and Alex Graham. Last year, Last Nigh Earth put together a solid showcase that set an amazing tone for the end of the festival. Each artist will be returning for another round of Last Night On Earth and we can assure you that this is an event not to be missed. All showcase information is displayed below, so make sure CONTINUE READING
BPM FESTIVAL: Dusky | 1.10.15

BPM FESTIVAL: Dusky | 1.10.15 Comments

With an amazing line of showcases being presented throughout The BPM Festival 2015, Dusky’s showcase has to be among our Top 5. Featuring London based producers Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell a.k.a Dusky, alongside Dirtybird representative Justin Martin and Miami techno sensation Danny Daze, this will be a guaranteed highlight of the festival. All embracing prolific personal careers, these four artists have paved the way through dance music over the past several years. Having all three CONTINUE READING

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