Marc Houle Tours North America

Marc Houle Tours North America Comments

Marc Houle returns to North America this November for a full-on Fall tour, spanning 13 cities in 22 days. It’s a vigorous sweep of the continent, landing in cities such as Philadelphia, that have not seen Marc Houle perform since his days on the Minus Kontakt bus tour in 2006. This visit will also encompass Marc Houle’s debut Los Angeles performance on Saturday, November 23. Marc Houle will play at venues that are establishing themselves as institutions of electronic music in each respective CONTINUE READING
Actress – Ghettoville

Actress – Ghettoville Comments

Ghettoville is the bleached out and black tinted conclusion of the Actress image. Where the demands of writing caught the artist slumped and reclined, devoid of any soul, acutely aware of the simulated prism that required breakout. Four albums in and the notes and compositions no longer contain decipherable language. The scripts now carry tears, the world has returned to a flattened state, and out through that window, the birds look back into the cage they once inhabited. Spitting flames CONTINUE READING
Jamie Jones – Planets, Spaceships (feat. Digitaria) | EP Preview

Jamie Jones – Planets, Spaceships (feat. Digitaria) | EP Preview Comments

Tis' Halloween weirdos!! These dark and different vibes couldn't be more right for a bit of Jamie Jones' experimental take on things. Today we get a taste of Jamie's new EP, 'Planet, Spaceships', due to release on his own Hot Creations label November 18th. Title track 'Planets, Spaceships' features vocals from Daniela Caldellas of Digitaria, who is also set to release an EP in early 2014 of the Hot Creation imprint. This track features that undeniable Jamie Jones casual, yet refined attitude CONTINUE READING
Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure – Apollo Comments

The Disclosure lads are back at it again and this one is MUCHO CALIENTE!! Following a run of shows in Los Angeles two weeks ago that seemingly left the city in utter shock and awe, Guy and Howard Lawrence have worked up another piece of club set gold in the form of a new single 'Apollo' that would have suited their killer DJ Set at Sound. Who knows.. they may have even played it, but one thing is for sure, they had Sound's raging party vibe level set at 11 and there was no lookin' back. 'Apollo' CONTINUE READING
TUFFLove – Huxley | Human Life | Jon Dadon – 10.24.13 – MMMHMMM @ The Standard, Hollywood

TUFFLove – Huxley | Human Life | Jon Dadon – 10.24.13 – MMMHMMM @ The Standard, Hollywood Comments

Tomorrow, October 24th 2013, marks a groundbreaking day for the Los Angeles house music scene and we couldn't be more amped to witness the musical phenomena that lies ahead. As part of his fall tour of the US, the one and only Huxley is going to grace the decks of the infamous MMMHMMM @ the Standard Hollywood for his LA Debut! Best known for his super-charged garage house, Huxley will be delivering those sexy, whomper bass lines to light up West Hollywood for TUFFLOVE 2.o. Accompanied by our CONTINUE READING
Burning Man 2013 – Who is John Frum?

Burning Man 2013 – Who is John Frum? Comments

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C. Clarke Who is John Frum? He is known to us by many names, this Visitor from Elsewhere, dispenser of endless abundance and wielder of mysterious technologies: John Frum, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, "Bob." His cargo is splendid, his generosity boundless, his motives beyond our understanding. But across the ages and around the world, the stories all agree: one day he will return, bearing great gifts. Our theme this CONTINUE READING
Defected presents Loco Dice In The House

Defected presents Loco Dice In The House Comments

One of the most unexpected collaborations of recent memory, Defected presents Loco Dice In The House is THE explosive dance music compilation of the year. Featuring tracks and remixes from cutting edge artists such as Kyle Hall, Skudge, Glimpse, Diplo, Marcel Dettmann and Dice himself as well as a hand-picked selection of unreleased Desolat exclusives,this is an incredible release from an undisputed legend of the scene. The union of Loco Dice and Defected Records may at first seem like CONTINUE READING

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