Bicep: Flex the house Comments

RA's Todd L. Burns speaks to the rising house duo about the pleasure of simplicity in advance of their appearance at The Warehouse Project. "I mean, the thing Ireland, you know..." "There's not a lot to do," Andy Ferguson laughs, finishing Matt McBriar's sentence. The duo who make up Bicep are attempting to explain how it is they came to start attending parties at such a young age. McBriar begins again: "You're drinking by 14, and by 16 you're going to raves. Need some sock CONTINUE READING

Shut Up And Play The Hits Comments

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy on selling out Madison Square Gardens and making dance music as a rock band. Hard rockin’, feel-good music to drunkenly bust some grooves to are rarely held up with the wit and dry, self-mocking cynicism of LCD Soundsystem - since 2002 they’ve been the perfect antidote for a Morrissey headache. On 2 April 2011 the band played a dramatic final gig at New York’s Madison Square Gardens as a farewell to fans before LCD Soundsystem came to an end. Footage CONTINUE READING

Soul Clap Set To Launch Soul Clap Records Comments

Soul Clap will launch a new record label in September, simply titled Soul Clap Records. The duo themselves describe Soul Clap Records as "a place of mystery, art and experimentation" and "a home for our music and our many aliases and collaborations." That said, it will launch with an EP from Night Plane, AKA Brooklyn-based artist (and past RA contributor) William Rauscher. The Heartbeat EP shows Rauscher teaming up with a few different artists, including Heather D'Angelo from Au Revoir CONTINUE READING

Daft Punk: Return of The Cybermen Comments

They used to call the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip the ʻRiot Hyattʼ. Led Zeppelin once rode motorcycles down the hotelʼs hallways, and before he disappeared to a beach house in Mali, Al Rose famously tossed barbecued steaks off the balcony of his room for a laugh. lt’s calmed down a lot lately, but itʼs still a fair bet that the hotel has never seen anything quite like the scene around the rooftop pool on this unseasonably chilly late afternoon in May. Two tall, CONTINUE READING

Jonny White’s Freedom Of Expression Comments

Launching a label based on such an integral human right as the Freedom of Expression might be daunting for some, but Jonny White from Art Department seems to have pulled it off in style. Named after article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, No.19 Music has risen to the top of the underground’s ranks in the four short years since launching in 2008. We caught up with him after Sonar to discuss the label how he keeps everything moving forward. Has it been fun to build your Social CONTINUE READING

The Footnotes: The Button Down Pullover Comments

Taylor Stitch - Lavender Rugby Stripe Pullover  This summer has been a bit dull for men's fashion. There have been items here and there that we like--like it’s becoming clear that 90’s hood style is starting to reemerge--but then there is one preppy trend that we're feeling: the button down pullover (or "popover" if you're over seas). This cut is usually reserved for Hawaiian shirts, but as the Hawaiian shirt heads toward jumping the shark, we’re seeing the button down pullover swim to more CONTINUE READING

Jam hot! Comments

Heidi on first release on Jackathon Jams Radio 1 golden girl Heidi is never easy to track down. Ibiza, Barcelona, London... her diary reads more like an airport arrivals board than a calendar – that was only June. Somehow though, she's managed to find time to launch her own label alongside the Jackathon parties she is bringing to Carnival at Sankeys Ibiza this summer. Jackathon Jams is the newly the allocated plot for her friend's rump-shaking beats and the first package is CONTINUE READING

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