No Shirt / No Shoes featuring Oliver – Saturday, May 12th @ The Standard Downtown LA Comments

April 28th marked the return of summer and the all mighty return of No Shirt / No Shoes. If you can’t recall the rage, the rigs, the epic roots-ness of the their last sesh, that’s fine cuz they got it all on their Hi-8 cam-corder. A storm of epic proportions seems to be in our midst, warm waters off the coast of Hendo-nesia along with a southern wind thru the Bix-a-pulco, and a hurricane in the Tropicool regions have created a swell that is due to hit DTLA on May 12th :: double-over-head & perfect conditions is the forecast.

Only true legends, no, true FROTHLORDS could shred such monumental conditions. So the Oliver boys took a break from ripping life at festivals like HARD, and crushing shows on epic proportions like HOLY SHIP, to join your rooftop locals at our humble pool in sky. They are the one and only OLIVER, some of the true originators and masters of the tropo-rage and their tune-age is set for seek and destroy!

For moral support, we have our good friends Cooper Saver and Junkyard joining the ranks to hold down the fort.

AND IF THAT WASN’T enough! The Ampal Creative, the Tropo-pioneers, will be launching the brand new summer line of dome sealers, merc-lids, hair condoms and . . . uhh, hats. Maybe if you’re lucky, the beach-sultan Potash will bless you with one.

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