TUFF Tape Vol. 29 – Eelrack

TUFF Tape Vol. 29 – Eelrack Comments


Taking the reigns for our 29th edition of our TUFF Tape series will be L.A. native Charles Meyer. Under the moniker Eelrack, Charles has played a handful of lavish venues around the U.S. ranging from Vessel in San Francisco, to the mighty Artisan in Las Vegas. Along with his elusive nightclub appearances, comes the veteran status of playing alongside some of the biggest festivals and stages around in North America. His vivacious sets on the Wide Awake ARTCAR during EDC received the highest of praise. With that being said, we felt it was our duty to have Charles take the time to conduct a tape with some of his signature sounds for you all to enjoy. We couldn’t be happier with the result and hope his high-energy sounds take you on a fresh musical journey.


1. Bluebook - Love Prisoner (DeMarzo Remix) 2. Huxley - Oil Spill (Original Mix) 3. Luca M, JUST2 - Dark Mode (Original Mix) 4. Pirupa - Such a Shame (Original Mix) 5. Sidney Charles - Warehouse Anthem (Original Mix) 6. Filthy Rich - Rock the Disco (Original Mix) 7. Figueroa - The Way of Kimagure 8. Hazzaro - Shake It (Phunk Investigation Remix) 9. JUST2 - Modern Warfare (Original Mix) 10. Egoism - Dohuya (Original Mix) 11. Wilfred Giroux - Stronger (Whitesquare Remix)
T.G.I.M.: Hernan Cattaneo

T.G.I.M.: Hernan Cattaneo Comments

When I heard that Hernan Cattaneo was playing tonight at Monday Social, I couldn't help myself but to use this live set as the T.G.I.M. The Argentinian 'Ambassador' as they call him is considered a legend when it comes to his melodic sounds. He is world renowned for his unique productions and in just two years, his Sudbeat label has risen up as a leading light in melodic electronic music – regularly releasing material from names like Guy J, Henry Saiz, Nick Warren and Danny Howells. Hernan CONTINUE READING
Soul Button – Deep Lovers Fling Chart | August 2014

Soul Button – Deep Lovers Fling Chart | August 2014 Comments

Today we focus on a Berlin artist whose label has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s playlist, Soul Button. Chris Button, founder of Steyoyoke Recordings, has to be amongst the top forward-thinking professionals within the music industry. Creating an illustrious family of like-minded artists, this pioneer of sound has not only a veteran production/DJ career, but has also fabricated one of the most innovative record labels around today. Sneak Peak of Skena's The Next Act EP upcoming on STEYOYOKE CONTINUE READING
Clockwork & Avatism (CW/A) – Conducting The Method EP | Vakant

Clockwork & Avatism (CW/A) – Conducting The Method EP | Vakant Comments

Our friends Clockwork and Avatsim have recently re-emerged from the studio with this sizzling new release for Vakant.  Kudos to Vakant for prying these improvisatory live-set cuts out of their paws for a release. Like their previous stuff, the whole of Conducting The Method is moody and tasteful, but this EP leans toward more experimental and IDM-oriented goals while remaining grounded and danceable. The leading single is definitely one to watch out for... "After first performing together CONTINUE READING
Words With | Three

Words With | Three Comments

Three is the current manifestation of Christopher Milo's unshakable passion for underground house.  Milo, a Floridian-turned-New Yorker, has gained a new momentum in the last year after working tirelessly and uncompromisingly in the scene for over a decade.  He spoke with us about playing festivals, his origins, and his newest project, Hallucienda.  You can catch Three this weekend in Los Angeles at Get Lost. Info and ticket links below. You recently played the Sunset Campout Festival in Belden CONTINUE READING
Jonas Woehl – Less Different | EP

Jonas Woehl – Less Different | EP Comments

As we extend our arms across the globe to Germany, there are plenty of artists who have been making a huge impact within the underground music scene. An artist by the name of Jonas Woehl has caught my attention time and time again. Based out of Dresden, Jonas can be considered an artist who incorporates both the light and dark melodic atmospheres to create something unique. With a plethora of highly praised remixes, Jonas has been targeted as a solid candidate for remixing duties. Along with his CONTINUE READING

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