Chambray – RUB | Ultramajic

Chambray – RUB | Ultramajic Comments


Ultramajic just announced their first exclusive artist named Chambray. The lead track (which was announced today) was featured in Jimmy Edgar's Essential Mix and he has been championing the record for some time now.

In only a short period of time, Ultramajic has proved itself to be a reliable source of modern house and techno with a unique overarching aesthetic that makes it stand out like a neon beacon in the endless sea of dance labels operating today.

This release - the label's ninth - marks an important step in its history: the premiere of a totally new, formerly unknown artist out of Berlin, Germany named Chambray. It only takes a few seconds of listening to any of the four tracks presented here to see why he's been initiated into the Ultramajic stable - he turns out some uproarious, vintage-touched house with considerable bass heft that would do Chicago-style veterans like Steve Poindexter proud while showing off more modern house styles that have become touchstones of Ultramajic-affiliated DJs and producers like Aden and Jimmy Edgar himself. To simplify: put these on in a club, watch it go boom.

Ultramajic continues to blaze its own distinct path through the world of electronic music in 2014, and here Chambray has proved himself to be a valuable recruit - capable of churning out total burners that have a classic vibe to them with a modern bite and ruggedness. Enjoy folks.

Tropicool – Moonrise Baromote Mixtape + June Tour w/ Kygo

Tropicool – Moonrise Baromote Mixtape + June Tour w/ Kygo Comments

  Rogue Waves for long Daze. A silky, yet sultry mix for when the sun goes down & you're sitting poolside. Made for your friends across the land, lasting till the end of time. Perfect for summer, we simply love the mix. Congrats to Tropicool who just signed to Bond Music Group and is about to head out on a sold out North American tour with Kygo. For those of you local LA cats, catch Tropicool & Kedd Cook (RollingTUFF) each and every Thursday at SHOREbar in Santa Monica for their CONTINUE READING
Heathcliff Town – Wheel of Chance | PARCEL Remix

Heathcliff Town – Wheel of Chance | PARCEL Remix Comments

With such a wide range of artists arising hear in L.A., we are proud to present the latest remix from hometown musician Tarek Nasr a.k.a. PARCEL. His previous Vol. 19 TUFF Tape was absolutely brilliant, displaying an extensive range of musical taste and precision. Tarek’s unrelenting passion towards music has enabled him to create an amazing project that focuses on the true essence of music. PARCEL’s latest remix of Heathcliff Town’s ‘Wheel of Chance’, has made it to our front page CONTINUE READING
UPDATE: ‘Richie Hawtin a.k.a. Plastikman’ @ Guggenheim Intl. Gala + ‘EX’ Preview

UPDATE: ‘Richie Hawtin a.k.a. Plastikman’ @ Guggenheim Intl. Gala + ‘EX’ Preview Comments

"James Turrell isn't the only artist who can make the Guggenheim glow: Richie Hawtin's pulsing installation gave a nod both to the history of rave culture and to the kinds of cross-genre artworks the museum supports" (New York Times) In reference to the Turrell's Guggenheim Museum residency last summer (specifically the Aten Reign installment that took place in the classic Frank Lloyd-Wright designed rotunda), this quote parallels how two artistic moguls curated an iconic space CONTINUE READING
Nico Lahs – Devotion EP | Last Night On Earth

Nico Lahs – Devotion EP | Last Night On Earth Comments

It is our extreme pleasure to present the latest installment on Last Night On Earth from Harry Klein artist Nico Lahs. Hailing from Italy, Nico is a name that has been steadily rising to the top of the music industry and shows no sign of slowing. With a handful of releases on some of the most esteemed labels around, Mr. Lahs has been able to transform his musical passion through his masterful releases time and time again. Nico’s latest ‘Devotion’ EP on the one and only Last Night On Earth CONTINUE READING
Martyn – Forgiveness EP | Ninja Tune

Martyn – Forgiveness EP | Ninja Tune Comments

This month, Martyn releases his brand new LP, The Air Between Words, and EP, Forgiveness, via Ninja Tune. On the Forgiveness EP is “Glassbeadgames,” an eight-minute-long anthem he co-produced with Four Tet; an impeccable blend of each artist’s style, giving us a taste of what the album has in store. The Forgiveness  EP is basically a preview for his upcoming album. As always with the Dutchman, each of the three cuts offer a fusion of multiple stands of house, techno and bass music. This CONTINUE READING
Words With | Soul Clap

Words With | Soul Clap Comments

Soul Clap has been running a terror on your girlfriends, sisters, daughters, and wives, since 2001. They've been pumping out music before EDM even had an synonym. Charlie and Eli are the definition of underground house and come straight from the mean streets of Boston. The duo recently performed at Buku Music Festival in New Orleans, where our correspondent Will Benrubi had a chance to pull them aside for quite the inquisitive chat. While you read, here's the latest release on Soul Clap Records CONTINUE READING

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