Lonely Boy | The Dream Season Mixtape

Lonely Boy | The Dream Season Mixtape Comments


I'm definitely not alone in noticing that this Summer is flying by. The thought of such an amazing season coming to a close is something I want to shut out of my mind, even if it is just for another hour or so. Well, what better way to block out those negative vibes than to have your spirit launched into the clouds and upper stratosphere of FEELS with the help of Lonely Boy's recent Dream Season Mixtape.

Undoubtedly one of the most talented producers and deejays I've ever heard, Lonely Boy has an uncanny knack for weaving a story like set that can truly turn your day around for the best.I mean just look at this track listing and tell me these cuts don't resonate with you.This mix is worth savoring every second of, so take your time and lose yourself in the Dream.

Stay Tuff!

Fur Coat – Monday Social DJ Set

Fur Coat – Monday Social DJ Set Comments

We have a special treat for you here in Los Angeles tonight with Venezuelan duo Fur Coat in town. We had an amazing time with them last time they were in Los Angeles and it is with great pleasure we offer you the free download from their DJ set back in March. They are back with Monday Social tonight at Sound Nightclub, so make sure your rest up because its going to be a good one. Here's a little info on the two Crosstown Rebels if you don't already know them. CHECK OUT TONIGHT'S SHOW HERE. Venezuelan CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Pan-Pot – Systematic Session Podcast

T.G.I.M.: Pan-Pot – Systematic Session Podcast Comments

For the first time in a while, I am feeling well rested as I start this new week, which is why I decided on Techno for your Monday dose of tunes. Pan-Pot is perfect to keep the us upbeat and ready to dominate this week ahead. The Berlin duo made up of Tassilo Ippenberger & Thomas Benedix, aka Pan-Pot, is  highly respected from both avid music listeners and piers alike. They have stayed true in their ways and have not strayed away from their original love of quality House and heavy Techno sounds. CONTINUE READING
Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar | Official Video

Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar | Official Video Comments

The video contains images that might shock or frighten and may be disturbing or incomprehensible to minors. Includes descriptive scenes depicting; the use of illegal substances, nudity, violence, portrayals of violence with some bloodletting. So good thing minors don't visit our website... Enjoy. "Everyone's a Conjured up Superstar. Is it really about the music anymore?" - Maceo Plex CONTINUE READING
Words With | Nico Lahs + Exclusive TUFF Tape Vol. 28

Words With | Nico Lahs + Exclusive TUFF Tape Vol. 28 Comments

With little introduction needed through our site, Nico Lahs has been kind enough to answer a few questions for us along with a monster TUFF Tape. Waiving several prominent label flags such as: Ovum Recordings, Poker Flat Recordings, Rue De Plaisance and recently Sasha's Last Night On Earth, Nico has been a dominant candidate for the top spot in our "Up and Coming" group. We were able to dig deep into what drives his career and what he has in store for us all in the future. You have over CONTINUE READING
Words With – Vanilla Ace | Splash House Mix

Words With – Vanilla Ace | Splash House Mix Comments

What was it like working with Thee Cool Cats for this recent EP on Tropical Heat? How did songs form and develop? How did your relationship with Tropical Heat start? Thee Cool Cats live in the US and I'm in London so we worked over email. They sent me the two tracks in rough demo form and said if I liked them would I collaborate on with them and finish them off. Wasabi who runs Tropcial Heat and Erase is a good guy, very easy to work with, we should be doing some more Tropical Heat/Erase parties CONTINUE READING

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