Lonely Boy – Don’t You Think EP | Desert Hearts Records

Lonely Boy – Don’t You Think EP | Desert Hearts Records Comments


Take it back to June 2013 when we first came across the funk-infused disco stylings of Lonely Boy. His track 'Love Wanted' caught our attention during Pumpkin's set at the Woogie Stage during Lightning in a Bottle 2013 [LISTEN HERE], and ever since we've been behind him 100%. Of late, there has been a growing buzz around Lonely Boy ahead of a strong release schedule in early 2015. One that saw the release of his underground tech-house phenomenon 'Don't You Think' EP hit shelves two days ago on Desert Hearts Records and will see the release of his funked up 'I Like Disco' cut coming out on Vinyl/Digital via UK legends Futureboogie Recordings in a few weeks. And from what we've heard, there are more big announcements coming from him as the year unfolds, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for updates.

As you all know, we are BIG supporters of the Desert Hearts community and their maturing label Desert Hearts Records, so the fact that they've chosen to put out a Lonely Boy EP as their fourth release is the best of both worlds for us. The journey of Don't You Think emerged with the premiere of the track on URB.com, noting that the original big support came from none other than deejay master Lee Burridge and his label-in-development Get Weird, but eventually found it's home with Desert Hearts through a personal connection to the festival. A truly serendipitous connection, to say the least.

DH004 features two original works, the massive title track 'Don't You Think' and B-side sleeper 'Rise,' as well as a dusty desert-tech 'Mojave' remix of the 'Don't You Think' from label friend Bengal (Premiere on Pulse Radio). There's no denying that Lonely Boy's disco/funk synth roots are present in both original tracks, but for this release we see his break into a much more tech house based rhythm. Beat and bass driven, the EP touches on elements of dark club nights and bright day vibes all at once. Perfect examples of the EPs diverse range of context include it's Sound Nightclub premiere via Lee Burridge [WATCH HERE],it's debut on the Playa during Mikey Lion's set at Distrikt this last year [LISTEN HERE] and my personal favorite when Porkchop laid it on thick at the Desert Hearts Two Year Anniversary festival in November. We're continuing to see major support on this release and wouldn't be surprised if you didn't hear it out this weekend!

An overall really hot release from an extremely talented musician, producer and deejay. Keep your eyes on this guy in 2015 and make sure to buy his tracks below if you like them! Support your local producers! Buy locally sourced beats!!

Stay Tuff!

TUFF : Tanner Ross & Maher Daniel | 1.29.15 + Ticket Giveaway

TUFF : Tanner Ross & Maher Daniel | 1.29.15 + Ticket Giveaway Comments

Alas, the time has finally come to unite NoFilter and Rollingtuff for our new TUFF Thursdays. This week, we have a phenomenal lineup featuring Wolf + Lamb representative Tanner Ross, Maher Daniel, Jon Dadon and Jimbo James. It has been a long time in the works to be able to give a weekly series in Los Angeles that truly captivate the underground sounds and vibes. Along with Tanner and Daniel, we have the distinct privilege of seeing the San Diego residents Jon Dadon and Jimbo James join in on the CONTINUE READING
Modus – Volume On (Original Mix)

Modus – Volume On (Original Mix) Comments

Los Angeles based producer Modus has been making some serious moves in the techno/tech-house scene and just released his first original track for 2015. Already getting massive support from Joseph Capriati, Stacey Pullen, and D-formation, it will surely climb the charts. Titled “Volume On,” it’s a dance floor weapon, full-of-bass driving energy shouting that after hours vibe. Grab it now on Beatport via Funk’n Deep Records in Volume 5 of their “Syndication” series and be sure to check CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 39 – Stan Ritch

TUFF Tape Vol. 39 – Stan Ritch Comments

Extending our arms all the way to France, we are extremely excited to present the 39th edition of our TUFF Tapes, created by Stan Ritch. It was a while back when my ears first heard the dazzling sounds of this young French producer and immediately I knew that this project consisted of a bright and adventurous future. Representing the Sintope Digital imprint, Stan has consistently shown growth and innovation with each production he releases. His ‘No Role’ EP, has only received the highest of CONTINUE READING
Free Download: Housing Corp – Hit The Club EP

Free Download: Housing Corp – Hit The Club EP Comments

New York based-duo Housing Corp is offering up their new EP for free download on their Soundcloud page, featuring a beefed-up remix from S. Jay. The tracks are pure G-house, so if that's your thing, these are a safe bet, as Housing Corp assures: With "When I Hit The Club", we set out to make a huge G-House track that could fit in the peak part of our DJ sets. We've tweaked this after many tries on the dancefloor and can say without hesitation that it works. The sample really stood out to us CONTINUE READING
Words With: Darlyn Vlys + Exclusive VOMVO Mix | Sincopat

Words With: Darlyn Vlys + Exclusive VOMVO Mix | Sincopat Comments

Darlyn Vlys is a name that will stand out to most Americans as quite unfamiliar, in both an etymological and musical sense. But from his home of Valencia, Spain across Europe, Darlyn's name is on the tip of many a tongue. We caught up with the French DJ and producer shortly after he completed one of his biggest projects to date--mixing and compiling SINCOPAT's new VOMVO compilation to talk darkness in club music and what it's like working with the multitalented SINCOPAT crew. The good folks at CONTINUE READING
V.A. – Equilibrium | LP | Steyoyoke

V.A. – Equilibrium | LP | Steyoyoke Comments

Possibly one of our favorite labels right now, Berlin based Steyoyoke Recordings, venture into unchartered waters with this new project that combines years of hard work and marks the release of their very first album titled ‘Equilibrium’. The Steyoyoke artists are united within a unique concept, that utilises the four classical elements of fire, air, water and earth, bringing you a creative expression that reflects a state of balance between art, music and the natural elements. Each track CONTINUE READING

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