Clockwork & Avatism (CW/A) – Conducting The Method EP | Vakant

Clockwork & Avatism (CW/A) – Conducting The Method EP | Vakant Comments


Our friends Clockwork and Avatsim have recently re-emerged from the studio with this sizzling new release for Vakant.  Kudos to Vakant for prying these improvisatory live-set cuts out of their paws for a release.

Like their previous stuff, the whole of Conducting The Method is moody and tasteful, but this EP leans toward more experimental and IDM-oriented goals while remaining grounded and danceable. The leading single is definitely one to watch out for...

"After first performing together at Sonar Festival with what was essentially a live version of our respective “B.O.A.T.S.” and “Adamant” albums, Thomas and I decided to expand on these ideas for something more broad and improvisation-centric. After months in the studio drinking nothing but amaretto and working on new music for this purpose, our new live experiment (now simply called CW/A) was ready. The reception on these shows was so (thankfully) positive that Vakant eventually pressured us into releasing some sections as tracks. “Conducting the Method” is nothing other than a sample of what this new project is about: a collection of three excerpts taken from this year’s performances. To round things off, we invited over our friends Dead Heat for a reinterpretation of one of our tracks. We can state with confidence that we are excited these tracks are no longer confined to our club and festival performances and can’t wait for everyone to hear them. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy playing them out." Francesco

Vinyl release date: 15.09.2014 Beatport release date: 29.09.2014

Pre-order 12":

Decks:…_the_method/c3t-15 Deejay:…Heat_Remix__154848 Juno:…method/544753-01/

Words With | Three

Words With | Three Comments

Three is the current manifestation of Christopher Milo's unshakable passion for underground house.  Milo, a Floridian-turned-New Yorker, has gained a new momentum in the last year after working tirelessly and uncompromisingly in the scene for over a decade.  He spoke with us about playing festivals, his origins, and his newest project, Hallucienda.  You can catch Three this weekend in Los Angeles at Get Lost. Info and ticket links below. You recently played the Sunset Campout Festival in Belden CONTINUE READING
Jonas Woehl – Less Different | EP

Jonas Woehl – Less Different | EP Comments

As we extend our arms across the globe to Germany, there are plenty of artists who have been making a huge impact within the underground music scene. An artist by the name of Jonas Woehl has caught my attention time and time again. Based out of Dresden, Jonas can be considered an artist who incorporates both the light and dark melodic atmospheres to create something unique. With a plethora of highly praised remixes, Jonas has been targeted as a solid candidate for remixing duties. Along with his CONTINUE READING
The Kazbah – From Dusk Til Dawn, All Week Long

The Kazbah – From Dusk Til Dawn, All Week Long Comments

What started out as a small event on San Francisco's Baker Beach and then migrated to the Black Rock Desert has now morphed into a vibrant global year-round culture of like-minded individuals who seek to live their lives in a more meaningful, powerful and self-expressed way. The 10 Principles are a reflection of the community's ethos and culture as it has organically developed since the event's inception. For those of you who don't know, Burning Man is an annual event and a thriving year-round CONTINUE READING
Santé & Sidney Charles – All Night Long (Original Mix) | Hot Creations

Santé & Sidney Charles – All Night Long (Original Mix) | Hot Creations Comments

Yet another big track coming out of two of my favorite producers, Santé and Sidney Charles. As part of Hot Creation's latest compilation since 2012's Paradise Summer Sampler, 'All Night Long' is the first of many tracks to see the light of day from Hot Summer Jams and man is it a beastly Jackin' House cut. These two are no strangers to working together, in fact they are the best of friends, which explains numerous collaborations over the years and the obvious team up for both of their debut release CONTINUE READING
Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture Feat. Barry Drift | Video

Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture Feat. Barry Drift | Video Comments

Dirtybird bossman Claude VonStroke with one of the sickest videos I've ever seen. The track "Califuture" is about that optimistic bug in everyone who moves to California that makes them think that someday they will be plucked up out of obscurity to become famous. Everyone has it in the back of their mind. But the music video goes one step further into madness. It's the heart-wrenching story of a snow cone salesman trying to get a job at dirtybird and then realizing the life of a snow cone maker CONTINUE READING

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