German Brigante Hits His Stride

German Brigante Hits His Stride Comments

verimagen German Brigante has been cultivating a unique and distinct sound for the last couple of years.  The Spanish DJ and producer has had some pretty respectable signings in the past, but things really seems to falling into place this season after a spectacular EP for Get Physical with collaborator Thomas Gandey.  His releases this summer follow a similar recipe to his prior ones, but fresh ingredients and a maturing songwriting ability has kept them sounding anything but tired. For those unfamiliar with his characteristic style, listening to a GB tune is kind of like watching a Rube Goldberg Machine in action.  A sequence of independent sonic vignettes trigger one after the next, tied together by a common groove and momentum.  The resulting energy is a bit enigmatic... a DJ can utilize one of these tracks in a number of different situations--from spicing up a loungey minimal vibe with a bit of ear-candy stimulus, to balancing a full-throttle tech house set with interlocking grooves and samples. The recently released remix of 'One Family' by Smash TV is one such tune: the spacious arrangement and relaxed swing make up the low-key hemisphere of the sonic footprint, while a massive bass envelope and syncopated drum rolls provide the frantic offset. The versatility has led GB to be regarded by fans and peers among the more forward-thinking producers of the moment. His newest is bit of a deviation from the formula-- a remix for Mark Wells that came out today.  The tune shows he is capable of a deeper and more melodic sound, although the delightfully off-kilter percussion, dissonant stabs, and haunting vocal harmonization sounds distinctly Brigante. Looming on the horizon is a new remix for Thomas Gandey AKA Cagedbaby.  All we've got on it at present is this little cellphone video, but the glimpse is further indicative of the deep, melodic direction that the Mark Wells seemed to head toward.  Forthcoming on OFF Recordings with another remix from Radio Slave.
  We'll be continuing to follow him closely and will keep you posted with further tunes, mixes, and developments, but for now, you can occupy your ears and feet with his July '14 mix:
WhoMadeWho – Remixes | Ellum | ELL022

WhoMadeWho – Remixes | Ellum | ELL022 Comments

Hahaha, wow, well what can we say here.... Ellum has wasted no time after decimating us with Danny Daze's 'Flange' EP to preview the forthcoming remix collection for WhoMadeWho. The Danish pop trio have been cutting their teeth on the German genre bending scene since 2003, supporting such excellent crossover acts as Daft Punk, Soulwax, Hot Chip, Justice and LCD Soundsystem.  Their talents include DJ Tomas Barfod's drumming and Tomas Høffding's vocals, which are not only instantly likable, CONTINUE READING
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – “Kerberos / Styx” EP | Systematic Recordings #100

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – “Kerberos / Styx” EP | Systematic Recordings #100 Comments

GOOSEBUMPS.... Systematic have something really special planned for their 100th release. After snapping necks with his sensational remix for Superflu's Jo Gurt, Bodzin is back alongside Marc Romboy to deliver some more exceptional synthwork. These two cuts approach perfection... simple, effective arrangement and grandiose chord progressions characterize Keberos, while Styx is an in-depth study on a single arpeggio that  gives way to some seriously cerebral textures. See for yourself CONTINUE READING
Light My Fire Podcast 006 – Kyrill & Redford

Light My Fire Podcast 006 – Kyrill & Redford Comments

Making its way to our front page for another round is Light My Fire’s latest podcast featuring Kyrill & Redford. Karl Kyrill and Luke Redford are simply two Zurich natives who have combined forces into one incredible project. With a profound passion for music coming from both ends, Karl and Luke seem to be all about absorbing their surrounding influences to drive their innovation. With releases on Burlesque, Musique, Stranjjur and Light My Fire, Karl and Luke are always on the search for CONTINUE READING
New Faces: Seff | Support from Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed, Gorgon City

New Faces: Seff | Support from Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed, Gorgon City Comments

Well here's one from out of the blue... Heard this on Radio 1 the other day from Richy Ahmed on Skream's show. This absolutely MASSIVE jacker of a tune can be traced back to a man we know as Seff, and not much else.  He's been releasing music for a couple of years now, notably on Steve Lawler's VIVa Music since late 2012.  To be fair, these are some rock-solid underground cuts including a sweet collaboration with Alex Darling, but in the last couple of months, Seff's sound has reached new CONTINUE READING
ROLLINGTUFF x GDD Present: HARD After Party w/ Justin Martin | Dusky | Destructo @ Exchange LA

ROLLINGTUFF x GDD Present: HARD After Party w/ Justin Martin | Dusky | Destructo @ Exchange LA Comments

This week at Insomniac Presents Inception, we're serving up a triple scoop of bass-house goodness for 2014's OFFICIAL HARD Summer afterparty.  Resident Dirtybird Justin Martin will be crushing things per usual, and will be joined by UK darlings Dusky and HARD-honcho Destructo, with support from GDD's BONES. By now, Angelenos are no strangers to the exploits of this trio of underground-birthed but internationally renowned DJs who still fly just below the radar, and we all know this is going CONTINUE READING

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