Stacey Pullen | Doc Martin @ Sound Friday June 7th Comments

This week we are honored to welcome one of the Detroit music pioneers to Sound. Stacey Pullen grew up under the mentorship of Detroit's legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Still continuing to produce his characteristic atmosphere laden electronic sound, Stacey Pullen compounds his reputation as a producer with that of being one of the world's most in demand DJs. Above all, from his earliest attempts to the current day Stacey Pullen has stayed true to his one goal: to CONTINUE READING
Saccao ft. Biatlone & Vintage Culture – U Gonna Want Me

Saccao ft. Biatlone & Vintage Culture – U Gonna Want Me Comments

Saccao, an Athens City native, has really put his foot on the gas with his latest productions. Not only have I been seeing more collaborations take place, there seems to be some new magic in the air regarding his productions. His latest collaboration with old time fellow artists Biatlone and Vintage Culture, brings some heat right from the gate with some seductive vocals and a floor-shaking bassline. This is only one of a couple recent tracks that grabbed my attention, so make sure you follow up CONTINUE READING
Speedy J and Lucy’s Collaborative J Zeitgeber Project

Speedy J and Lucy’s Collaborative J Zeitgeber Project Comments

'Zeitgeber' is a German word that, loosely translated, means “synchronizer.” It’s also the new project of Electric Deluxe head Speedy J and Stroboscopic Artefacts’ boss Lucy. Both artists make some of the most forward-thinking techno around, but Zeitgeber sees them pushing together even further into uncharted territories. Freed of dancefloor considerations, the duo have constructed an album that breathes with life and rewards close listening. That’s no surprise when you consider the CONTINUE READING
Lovelife presents… Th’ Crows Nest wit’ WALKER & ROYCE ‘n Dance Spirit live [Pirate Pool Party]

Lovelife presents… Th’ Crows Nest wit’ WALKER & ROYCE ‘n Dance Spirit live [Pirate Pool Party] Comments

Ahoy! All hands on deck! Calling all Swashbuckling Scallywags and Wenches we be liftin' our sails once again 'n settin' course towards a bewitchin' destination 'o peace, lust, 'n treasure! 'Tis poolside parade 'o pleasure we be brin'in' in a band 'o Crosstown Rebels to satisfy ye longin' fer th' deep jams. From th' depths 'o New York City comes th' Nurvous duo, WALKER & ROYCE! Also at th' helm be th' Superfreqs 'o Supernature, DANCE SPIRIT performin' LIVE! THEME: Pirates and Wenches FUNKTION-ONE CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Daniel Dexter – Barcelona OFF Mix | 2013

T.G.I.M.: Daniel Dexter – Barcelona OFF Mix | 2013 Comments

We have a special T.G.I.M to present due to the approaching week of the Sónar Festival based in Barcelona. The Sónar festival has absolutely blown up since its creation in 1994, displaying some of the most legendary as well as innovative talent to ever walk the globe. Where to even begin when speaking about the underground legend Daniel Dexter? Daniel is a Berlin-based label owner, DJ, and producer who has traveled the globe turning heads with his endless amount of talent. Since his first CONTINUE READING
Different Marks – Untitled | LP

Different Marks – Untitled | LP Comments

Different Marks is a collaborative project between Martin Dawson (King Roc, Two Armadillo), Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Voitek Tarañczuk (Catz N' Dogz). Meeting through their overlapping, close-knit circle of friends, the three connected instantly. From their first studio session it was clear there was a strong working, as well as personal, chemistry; a relationship that was deeply rooted in music. Drawing upon each members’ idiosyncratic approach to writing, and through their shared work ethic CONTINUE READING

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