EJECA – Natal Comments


Ejeca aka Gary McCartney, hails from the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland. At age 10 he received his first DJX keyboard as a Christmas present, and hasn’t looked back. His dedication towards experimentation with genres is unparalleled as he combines disco, garage, deep house and techno. His latest track ‘Natal’ consists of plucks, keyboard work and vocals that are simply amazing. This track can be found under The House of Disco’s Stash, which will be released very soon. Hope you enjoy!

Animal Picnic – The Meaning of Life Comments

Animal Picnic consists of Daniel Banker and Inigo de la Riera. They are a rare duo that combine extraordinarily different styles from two very different upbringings. Daniel Banker had been exploring the local scene in Madrid by spinning at local clubs and festivals, but recently has pursued his devotion with production. Inigo de la Riera decided to depart from his house at an early age of 18 and move to Dublin to discover his passion for production. The duo have a remarkably unique style; which CONTINUE READING

Steve Huerta – Do Good To Me / Revenge | petFood035 EP Comments

RollingTUFF has been fortunate enough to be around Steven Huerta for some time now, watched him evolve and listened as his technical production skill flourish into what you are hearing today. petFood Records has done a great job scouting local talent and have not dropped the bar one inch with Huerta. They expected big things and thats exactly what he is about to give them.  The first track on Steve's EP is straight fire. "Do Good to Me" is one you will want to throw on repeat, with a deep bassline CONTINUE READING

M.A.N.D.Y.’s January 2013 Session Comments

The T.G.I.M. was out sick this week, so to make up for it we have this dope mix by M.A.N.D.Y. This German duo is made up of childhood friends Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer. The have very high credentials and very good DJ skills, those of you who have been to their WMC Yacht party in Miami know what I'm talking about. Enjoy your Wednesday. Track List: 1. Fabio Gianelli - "Maintain", M.A.N.D.Y. Remix (Get Physical) 2. Tim Green "Just People" (unreleased) 3. X (unreleased) 4. Alexis CONTINUE READING

Gigamesh – Don’t Stop | Version 2.0 Comments

Minneapolis' own Matthew Thomas Masurka, also known as Gigamesh has been the closest thing I have seen to time traveler these past few years, taking us generations away with his new wave disco. The thing is though I can't make up my mind if he is taking me back to the 80's or shooting me forward into the future with hot jams. Gigamesh gives us his "Don't Stop Version 2.0" and if you ask me, its not much different from his killer version 1.0. Regardless, I still feel like you all should take a CONTINUE READING

Shall Ocin – Crash Into My Love | EP Comments

Culprit LA has been producing some amazing work since its launch in 2009 and has definitely been attracting attention Southern California’s way. As a Los Angeles based label, Culprit LA has done an incredible job of making their mark with new and innovative sounds. As they search the globe to seek undiscovered and creative talent, they have come upon Nicolas Abalos aka Shall Ocin/Paneoh in Europe on their most recent trip. Nicolas began his career in Valencia, Spain where he began to produce CONTINUE READING

Marco Darko – One Night Stand Comments

Here it is folks; Marco Smith aka Marco Darko delivers us an amazing track on the next upcoming release by Sleazy Deep. Marco, based out of his Manchester studio, has been doing damage to the house scene. Being recently signed to Hot Waves, this talent is definitely one to be considered legit. With labels such as Hot Waves, Disco Electronica and Sleazy Deep just to name a few, Marco is assured that he will be surrounded by the most innovative and inspiring DJ/Producers in the world. Endless support CONTINUE READING

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