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Pyramid, aka Etienne Copin, is a young and extremely talented up and coming producer from Lyon, France. His sounds are simply one of a kind - deep, dark, with a strong french-electro influence. Before we get down to business, I think its proper we mention Pyramid's latest and newest track entitled "Black Road." Without a grain of sand on this track, having a fantastic instrumentation, you can really hear, just how far this young and upcoming producer has gone. Listen while you read! Pyramid was kind enough to grant ROLLINGTUFF an exclusive download link. To download "Black Road" click here. Being that you’re only 22 years old now. How long have you been producing? What got you initially hooked? 
I don’t really remember when I really started producing, I guess it all started when I was way young, producing awful tracks on this program called "Magix Music Maker." Back when I was still was using Windows 95. But I was just playing around and having fun. I was about 10 years old or something. So yes, about 17 years ago I guess you can say! I really starting to get serious about 4 or 5 years ago when I went to a Justice gig before they even released D.A.N.C.E. yet to their MySpace. I just went because I was curious and had an ear for their sound. When I left their DJ Set, I said, ok, I want to do something like this! It was was from that day after I knew what I wanted to do, produce music. Fruity Loops, replaced Magix Music Maker, helping me to create my first EP (The Hall).
Growing up in France, a mecca for electronic music, with some of the best producers from the likes of Daft Punk to Justice, who has influenced your sound the most and why? 
I’m not sure France is the mecca anymore, there sure had at one point some of the biggest electronic producers in the world, but now, you can hear crazy stuff all around the world.  However, I must admit that, french touch, reins supreme in France. This kind of melancolic music mixed with fat beats is truly what we do best. Funny thing is that, lately, I’ve been influenced so much by Daft Punk. I really got into them about 2 years ago. Growing up I was like "Yes that’s cool but not insane." However, when I bought Discovery, I was in aw and discovered how huge they and their sounds really were! Justice was and still is one of my main influences, their mix of epic sounds with loud drums, hooked me from the start. 'Cross' in my opinion is one of the biggest albums to date. Besides that, I love Moby - Play album, Gorillaz, Royksopp, Air, Boards of Canada, Yuksek and recently I've been impressed by Rone, Pilotpriest and Flume. And of course Supertramp, Alan Parson's Project and Space Art. To come back on my influences, I always thought that it would be great to mix emotions and rythm, that’s a hard thing cause, sometimes I make things sound too dark. Track that are unplayable, at 80 BPM without drums, only pads, or sometimes, too cluby, it’s hard to find the good balance of the two, for me. I don’t want to make club tracks, I want to make Live tracks that can be enjoyed as a whole when strung together, a musical journey!
Your tracks tend to have somewhat of a dark ominous presence about them. How would you describe the origins of your sound?
I guess I like dark sounds, I’m not too much into happy, more upbeat sounding tracks. I mean, I love Breakbot's tracks and this kind of nu-disco sound, but I I’m unable to do these type of  things. I always have something to give from myself in my tracks, and it’s rarely happy, it can be kind of, crossing my fingers. But I think this is the, french touch, I spoke to you about earlier. As a child my father gave me his musical culture, he was into pop / rock stuffs like Supertramp and others like, but all I remember was this School track or this Stairway to Heaven which gave me the love to this type of sound an emotion. Later, when I heard Moby's 'Play' album which I maybe listened to a billion times. It's such a deep and sad sound, but it's really where I fell in love with this kind of music / emotionoa; mix. So yes, I'm a dark man, but that's okay haha, Lorn is much darker then me, I guess.
"Rising Day” is an all-time EP and definitely one of our favorites. Could you perhaps share some artistic insight into its production as a whole?
Rising Day is a part of my past now, this was a good thing for me but I have the bad habit to dislike, things I've made in the past. To be exact, I don’t deny it or hate it, but as I am enhancing my sound as I produce, I see all the mistakes I made before and I can’t ignore them. For my parts I have regrets about it but it’s a natural thing, the biggest regret I have about it, is the sound t, I was sure it was good when I finished it but after months I only hear all the mistakes I made. It's this idea that helps me for the future tracks. Another thing about this EP which is important to me is, I wanted to put some, Space atmosphere in it. I always loved Sci Fi movies and cinema in general and I still do so that’s an atmosphere I wanted to reproduce.
You mentioned that you are about to launch a collaboration project with some friends entitled 'Space Designers.' Tell us a little bit about that.
Damm, that Space thing I was just talking about, is exactly what Space Designers is all about, that’s perfect ! Yep, with 4 friends we’re about to launch (we don’t have a date yet but it will be during the next weeks, probably beginning of 2013 if we’re not dead by the Mayan apocalypse) a musical project called, Space Designers, as we all are space lovers. The guys I’m talking about are Max (who helps us with the administration tasks), Pilotpriest (http://soundcloud.com/pilotpriest-1), Thomas Barrandon (http://soundcloud.com/thomasbarrandon), Mike E Off (who is our graphist / designer : http://www.behance.net/meo333) and I. The purpose is not to become a label or an association, at least not now, but we just want to create a collective between friends who love and make artistic work around the spatial universe. We want to organize a party about that theme and make a website for us about what we do, what we want to share and to invite some guests to share our love for electronic music. So when we'll start this, we'll let you know for sure.
Lets step away for a second, personally in your opinion what is the best record ever made?
Wow, that’s impossible to pick up one for me … There are so many that instantly come to mind. Justice – B.E.A.T. Supertramp – School Moby – Porcelain Air – La Femme d’Argent Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
Bass music has become a predominant players within the mainstream world in recent years, with dubstep, especially in America being the most prolific. Why do you think that is and do you feel French Electro is about to make a resurgence? We sure hope so!
I do hope so ! To be honest, I’m a bit bored about all that tech house stream and I’m not really into Dubstep, I liked some old Dubstep tracks but more as Benga, Skream or Coki did. I’m a kid of that 2006/2007 wave, I loved it, it was the best electronic period, the rise of all the big names of today. Problem is music evolved a lot in just a few years, it became easier to produce than before and people have heard too much 2006 specific sound so I think that's why it tended to move to Techno and House. I don't like the fact people try to produce the exact same sound that was produced in the 80's, the Chicago House and all this with all this 808 and 909 drums (I love those sounds but every actual House track use it). We have so many ways to produce new things and to make original things that I find it too bad to reproduce sounds that already existed. I've was a bit disappointed by Justice's latest album, I liked it, but not the same surprise and energy that was in the first, the name on it helped people to like it but I'm pretty sure without it nobody would have heard of it. I'm waiting the Daft Punk album now, don't know what to expect at all but I'm pretty confident.
ROLLINGTUFF feels that there is a direct need for underground French-electro scene here in the states. Do you have any plans on touring here in the near future?
I would love that, I had some plans in October / November to make a few gigs across in the US, but last minute timing issues prevented me from coming. I couldn't so I'm planning it with some guys for later, but I would love that for sure and if I do I'll let you know again ! Where do you want to be in 5 years? Behind my computer, telling myself that now I can live from my music and I would be happy with it ! (Or maybe having a little talk with the Daft Punk and Roger Hodgson about them producing some of my records haha)
Thank you !

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