Art Department, BLUD & Shaun Reeves feat Damian Lazarus – Robot Heart Comments

The brand new track "Robot Heart" from Art Department, BLUD & Shaun Reeves, featuring vocals by Damian Lazarus turns out to be much more than just another epic deep  house anthem. It represents very brief moments in space and time that are witnessed only by a lucky few, out in the middle of the Black Rock Desert during Robot Heart's annual Burning Man parties. Very rarely in dance music history have we seen artists collaborate on a track with such conviction to justly depict the radiant energy behind it's inspiration. This, ladies and gentleman - is something special. No. 19 Music tells the story of it's creation:

When Art Department´s Jonny White received the call from Gio (George G Mueller) and Jason Swamy to write the first ever song for Robot Heart, it was not something he took lightly. In Jonny's own words, "Robot Heart events at Burning Man are quite simply put, the best parties on the planet." Jonny enlisted his band partner Kenny Glasgow and sometimes DJ partner Shaun Reeves who were with him last year at Burning Man and who all experienced the Playa and Robot Heart for the very first time together to collaborate on the record. This was no small task, writing a record that would somehow have to translate the uncontainable energy that Robot Heart brings to the Playa each night and into the following afternoon at Burning Man.

"This truly is the stuff legends are made of. The guys have come up with something so amazing and powerful and I was honored to be asked to write the theme to such a beautiful concept that has touched so many including all of us. Having experienced playing on the bus 3 times now I had a good idea of what the song needed to sound like, although bringing that unbelievable atmosphere to a record seemed it might be impossible. Fortunately, having been touched so deeply by our experience there we didn´t have much trouble putting ourselves in the right place to bring that vibe to the record. I think it really captures the essence of the party, the playa and the people that make it what it is¨ (Jonny White). When the record was finished Jonny immediately turned to Damian Lazarus who first asked Art Department to play with him on the bus 2 years ago to write the vocal. "The record needed a vocal... it was something that only someone who had been there and shared the same experience at Robot Heart would be capable of writing. While finishing the mix in LA I approached Damian to write and record the vocals for the song. He had a similar reaction to when we were asked to produce the song... honored and aware of the daunting task: that it would be a meaningful song for so many and had to live up to the actual party. He asked for a moment alone with a pen and some paper and came up with something absolutely perfect, without even hearing the record! I was shocked. We recorded one take and that was it". (Jonny White) Musically ‘Robot Heart’ is an instant underground anthem, deep, pulsing electronic music that defies tags such as ‘house’ or ‘techno’ and hints at early Detroit anthems such as Knight of the Jaguar. Lazarus’ intense and poignant vocals cut a channel through the rich and haunting production and the sound transports the listener straight to the heart of the flame lit desert floor. The original version is accompanied by an outstanding remix from BLUD who delivers a stripped back, dub mix that is perfectly balanced and deeply hypnotic.

Gesaffelstein – Viol | Tomas ‘Speed Up’ Edit Comments

Tomas / LOG, also known as F.U.N.K.Y or Toma Swag is a French electro producer based in Lyon. I don't know much about him besides that he remixes electro pretty damn good. I particularly liked this version of Gesaffelstein's 'Voil.' You can really distinguish the darker bass and 80's synths influencing the entire edit. Free download too, so enjoy. CONTINUE READING

Aeroplane – Not-So-Monthly | October 2012 Mix Comments

Here we have Aeroplane's famously late and not-so-monthly new mix labeled " October " because he just straight up missed September. This mix contains the first release of his soon to be launched label, Aeropop. It's called " In Her Eyes " and it features Jamie Principle on some dope vocals. So now that Vito De Luca is starting his own label, you can expect cool collaborations and remixes to come out of his production house. The man is a legend in the genre and we are huge supporters of Vito starting CONTINUE READING

Benoit & Sergio – New Ships | EP Comments

After inaugurating the Visionquest label with the now canonical Where The Freaks Have No Name--an EP whose A-side anthem, Walk and Talk, inundated the dance music world with a lovelorn soulfulness--Benoit & Sergio return to the throne of Visionquest with New Ships, the more beautiful younger sister to their debut. The opening track to the EP, Lipstick & Lace, bounces along on a rubber-ball bassline and artfully selected percussive details before a dexterous vocal line about unfamiliar CONTINUE READING

Nothing But Love For DJ’s… From DJ’s Comments

My Favourite DJ is a feature series on Resident Advisor with a pretty simple concept: We ask DJs to talk about their favourite DJs. Up-and-coming talents, legendary names and local scene stalwarts are all fair game. We purposely leave the door wide open for interpretation from our participants to encourage a range of answers. In this edition, we've focused our attention on DJs with UK ties to highlight the best of the best. Subb-an finds Shaun Reeves to be among the most down-to-earth CONTINUE READING

Maceo Plex + Danny Daze = Jupiter Jazz Comments

Today, an awesome short clip video has been released of the baddest scooter gang on the streets, Maceo Plex and Danny Daze aka Jupiter Jazz. The duo is caught riding their scooters in a dark alleyway doing mediocre tricks. I guess if I were making hit records – I could make riding scooters look cool too. Luckily, this scooter gang remembered to wear their helmets… Safety-first gentlemen! The song in the background - "Shake It Mama" is going to be a banger! Watch the video above and stay CONTINUE READING

T.G.I.M.: Pop Kult | Brandon Sek Comments

Plop Kult gives us a live set from their 1 year anniversary party last week featuring Brandon Sek. I randomly came across this mix and I found myself listening to the entire thing in one sitting. The heavy Electro core is something that my playlist has been missing lately, so when I came across this live set, it left a memorable imprint in my mind. I don't know much about DJ Brandon Sek, but he throws down a dirty set, take a listen and have a good week. T.G.I.M. CONTINUE READING

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