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What was it like working with Thee Cool Cats for this recent EP on Tropical Heat? How did songs form and develop? How did your relationship with Tropical Heat start?

Thee Cool Cats live in the US and I'm in London so we worked over email. They sent me the two tracks in rough demo form and said if I liked them would I collaborate on with them and finish them off. Wasabi who runs Tropcial Heat and Erase is a good guy, very easy to work with, we should be doing some more Tropical Heat/Erase parties soon.

What was your first experience playing HARD like? Anything like this past weekend?What's your take on the LA festival crowd?

Playing HARD was great, even though I was the second act on in the Green Tent it gradually got busier and the crowd that came early were up for a good time. It was cool of Gary (Destructo) to come by and see my set. The LA festival crowd have a lot of energy and have there own dress sense (less is more I think!) haha

Did any of the tracks you played that went off particularly or surprisingly well with them?

My two new tracks 'The Streets' and 'I'm Hot' from my forthcoming LouLou Players EP went down really well, they are both bass heavy G-House type party tracks. 'The Streets' has a Nate Dogg vocal in it so knew being on the West Coast they would get it.

 You've just begun a fairly sizable US tour--which clubs/cities are you particularly looking forward to playing in?

My first Vanilla Ace US tour was last December so I am familiar with a few of the cities, this time around I'm really looking forward to Splash House in Palm Springs, Spybar in Chicago, Glasslands in BK and Bardot in Miami...I'm hoping all the shows are great.

vanilla ace tour sched

We are excited to see your set this weekend at Splash House. You played in Los Angeles before for Monday Social and it was a cool show. What are your expectations for Palm Springs?

Glad you enjoyed Monday Social that was a fun night with Riva Starr. Its going to be wet and wild at Splash House, I'm sure its going to be baking and full of half naked party people.

You have been on a considerable amount of reputable labels, how does your growth as a producer been influenced by these proper labels?

I always aim to make the music I like, I don't like making music for a specific label in mind. Being on reputable labels is good as it shows they like what I am doing and the direction.

You have recently come out with some new original tracks and collabs, as a majority of your releases over the past year have been remixes, have you decided to focus more on these original productions even though your remixes have been quite popular?

I had a few original tracks out earlier this year on Suara, Sleazy G, OFF Spin, Nurvous...I have some more on the way with releases on Incorrect, LouLou Players, Vicious, Go Deeva and KLANGKULTUR SCHALLPLATTEN. I'm trying to slow down on the remixes as they do get in the way of doing original material. But if a track is for a good artist or label than I'm always interested.

We saw that you're a fan of the Arturia soft synths. What's your favorite software EQ & compressor to use alongside them?

I love the PSP vintage warmer and and u-HE diva. The Dada Life Sausage Fattener isn't bad either.

Any other new production toys you are particularly fond of?

I'm always on the look out for new plug ins and keyboard sounds.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, see you in the desert. 


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