Altus Project – ROLLINGTUFF Sessions : Cheap Picasso | Interview + Podcast

Altus Project – ROLLINGTUFF Sessions : Cheap Picasso | Interview + Podcast Comments

Within a short amount of time Cheap Picasso are starting to make a name for themselves, most recently playing at Off-Sonar, Barcelona for JEUDI Records who they have just had a EP release with.  Artists supporting their tracks include DJ T, Tensnake, Smash TV, Kruse & Nuernberg, The Magician, Tapesh, Amine Edge & Dance and Le Youth just to name a few.


  Altus Project owner Lee M Kelsall caught up with Cheap Picasso shortly after Sonar to find out a little more about the DJ Duo and what the future holds for them. To begin with I want to know more about you boys so…who are Cheap Picasso?
Cheap Picasso is a DJ Duo, we met just over 5 years ago both working for the same company and got talking about mutual musical similarities. We were DJ'ing around Edinburgh separately but talked about doing a project together which led to Cheap Picasso and have played together ever since.   After playing various warm up and support gigs we got our first residency at Edinburgh night Rendezvous where we took control of room 2.  This led to starting our own night called Gasoline Dance Machine which we now run on the third Saturday of the month at Cabaret Voltaire.
Wow 5 years DJing….. What artists have you supported in that time?
In the last few years we've played alongside Carl Cox, Jonas Rathsman, Isaac Tichauer, Doctor Dru Adana Twins, Medlar, KRL, Mat.Joe, The Magician, and Lee Foss…. We can continue?
You have just had a huge release on Adana Twins JEUDI Rec. I’ve been playing it for a while in my sets …..So how did the producing come about?
We had a couple finished track's and started sending them out to some labels, JEUDI Rec. being one of them, we are fans their recent releases from the label.   Doctor Dru was kind enough to get back to us saying he was interested in them for JEUDI Rec. and if we could hold the tracks for them.  We of course jumped at the chance, CUFF were also interested after the track receiving support from Amine Edge & Dance.  We were happily shocked when The Magician featured it in his infamous Magic Tape a few days after we sent it to him.

That all sounds great now…. How would you describe your sound?

First and foremost we want to get people dancing, it's all about the vibes and having a good time and connection with everyone in the club, we want to be on the dance floor as much as behind the booth.  We cross the lines between deep house and techno with a touch of more tech sounding stuff mixed in too.  Our basic ethos is if it sounds good and gets us dancing, we'll play it.
This is one from the people….What gigs have you got coming up?
We're excited for T in the Park Festival this year, playing Saturday night in the Afterburner tent, guaranteed to be a wild one.    We're also super pleased to be asked back to Beacons Festival for the 2nd year in a row, Beacons is possibly the best small festival in Britain with an unbeatable line up of solid artists and music and highly recommend people check it out.
 What are your Top 5 Dance Floor Weapons?
1) Hodgson - Babylon System 2) Joy Wellboy - Before the sunrise (Dixon Remix) 3) Max Chapman - Holding On (PAWSA remix) 4) Doctor Dru - Alpha Ray 5) Hot Since 82 - Like You (Audiojack Ruff Cut)
We just wanted to thank Lee and Cheap Picasso for putting this together for us. Cheap Picasso is now being represented by the Altus Projec, to book the artists email: Follow Cheap Picasso :
Soundcloud - HERE Facebook - HERE
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