T.G.I.M.: Halloran – Love N’ Deep 2015

T.G.I.M.: Halloran – Love N’ Deep 2015 Comments

john halloran We really should change the name of this segment to "Kill Me Mondays" because yet again, we had a full weekend of music, booze and friends and recently, I find myself how asking how the comedown is so real, rather than thanking God that I get to sleep for a full night.. I guess all things change with time. This week I was lucky enough to spend last couple of day in Brooklyn, NYC and dive into their music scene. I had the pleasure of attending perhaps Brooklyn's most respected underground party series, Blk|Market Membership and I must say, those guys know whats up. It made me realize again that Los Angeles has been doing a good job, but still needs time to develop the proper vibe which makes a party all about the dance floor. This week's mix brings us back to the West Coast and is provided by Kazbah resident Halloran. He has been gaining a lot of respect among the local San Fransisco scene, and for good reason too. Take a listen and enjoy.
THe WHite SHadow – Fiction + SNOWFLAKE EP | Crossfrontier Audio

THe WHite SHadow – Fiction + SNOWFLAKE EP | Crossfrontier Audio Comments

Making big waves throughout the underground industry is a project by the name of THe WHite SHadow. Based out of France, Anthony Godwin (THe WHite SHadow), has caught my attention on occasions over the past few months. Representing esteemed labels such as Chilli Mint Digital, Tenampa Recordings and German based Crossfrontier Audio, Anthony has shown a solid streak of top-notch releases that will be gracing dance floors near you. Available via Beatport: HERE It was only a few weeks back when CONTINUE READING
BAAL – Live at Watergate Club Berlin | 1.17.15

BAAL – Live at Watergate Club Berlin | 1.17.15 Comments

We were extremely pleased to have Munich based BAAL join us for that wicked TUFF Tape and are excited to announce that their live set recorded at Watergate on January 17th has just surfaced. Both Matthiases have a unique approach to music, exploring innovative techniques, making them one of the most interesting projects on our radar. Their signature synths and masterful percussion operation are evident within each piece of work they release, always keeping the audience on their toes itching for CONTINUE READING
Maribou State – Beginnings

Maribou State – Beginnings Comments

I  cannot tell you how excited I am for this release right here. A celebration of their rise via Fat! Records, Beginnings collects 8 of Maribou State's finest works for the label, plus a further 7 remixes from a selection of contemporary dance's top producers. As one of the pair's biggest hits, 2012's 'Olivia' opens the compilation and sees remixes from Pedestrian, Lee Mortimer and Mao. Meanwhile another favourite, 'Got Me Down', features alongside the original reworks by Pale, HxdB, Jason Burns CONTINUE READING

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