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Andhim return to the US for another rousing round of six headlining dates, including Exchange LA this saturday. The Berlin-based duo are some of the funniest people we'eve ever sat down with, so heres a little interview we did leading up to this Saturday's show.

We just wanted to know--which foods you are most excited to try in each city on your tour?

Besides each city's specialty we're really excited about burgers. We are always in search of the best burger. So far it is Kumas Corner in Chicago. Our favorite place. The last time in LA we tried some good burgers too, but there's still room for more!

You just did a release with H.O.S.H on Diynamic and have played with Solomun at his +1 party in Ibiza at Pacha. Any plans to collaborate with more Diynamic artists in the future?

Well, that could be. Diynamic has a lot of great artists we could think of collaborating with.​ But between Solomun, H.O.S.H. and us it's more about friendship. We just have a good time​when we meet.


Your upcoming US Tour is called “Odyssey of The Sausage”. What are your favorite Sausages and what condiment do you enjoy most on them?

Well, in Germany a sausage is a status symbol. People spend thousands of Euros on sausages each year. Wearing them as chains around your neck is the new trend here. We prefer a thick bavarian “Weisswurst”. It stands for fertility and wealth.

I will make sure to get a sausage chain to rock before you guys get into town.

What are your favorite pieces of gear in the studio (analog or digital)? Also, since you like Sausages so much, we wondered if you have ever used Dada Life’s ‘Sausage Fattener’ plugin before?

​Haha. Never heard of this plugin before. What does it do? ​Most of the time we work with samples in Cubase. Of course we have a lot of​ percussions in the studio for some live recordings, too. We also love the sound of the​ Juno 60. Just bought one last month. But we're still keeping it old school. There's nothing ​better than digging old records for sounds.

You guys seem to be Indiana Jones and Neverending Story fans from the look for your trailer. What are some of your all time favorite movies?

​Wow, there's a lot of good movies out there. It's hard to tell but here are some very good ​ones: “The Giant Claw”, “Manta Manta”, all “Edgar Wallace” movies, the old “James ​Bond” movies of course, “Mississippi Burning”, “Voll Normal”....endless list.

You describe your music as “Super House”, so we want to know: Who are your favorite Super Heroes.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are cool. The freshest duo under the sea. Chim Crinson is also very impressive with his massive chin. Biclops, too because of his very thick glasses. But the number one super hero will always be The Coon!

We've heard many Andhim many EP, mix compilations, etc. but never an album. Are there plans for a full-length album in the near future?

There was always a plan to do it but we were so busy with touring the last two years that we couldn't find the time to do it. But don't worry. The album is already finished in our heads. We just need to produce it!


We can't wait guys. Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to Saturday night at Exchange alongside our buddies Kedd Cook, Jon Dadon and Justin Jay. Couldn't be more excited.


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