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 Rolling Tuff - BOOMRAT
We take our partnerships very seriously at ROLLINGTUFF because we stay true to our brand and put a lot of thought into the collaborations we make with other companies. Our work with Boomrat has been nothing but encouraging  because we see that their vision is in line with ours and they have the technical capabilities to provide real time data for your music discovery. Boomrat is developing new ways to bring you the best music from around the world with consumer driven data pulled from their site, blog and social media activity, and online stats and coverage. We believe in their mission and are happy to help curate their House and Techno charts as well as provide our media services. Boomrat's latest addition has just been implemented and we are happy to show you the "Directory."
With the launch of the new Directory feature, Boomrat has made artist discovery even easier by highlighting the most relevant 130 artists in the space.  Boomrat has announce their Top 50 Featured Artists to know, the Top 50 Emerging Artists to watch, and the Top 30 Trending Artists today. Additionally, Boomrat has highlighted Featured Users that include individuals with the best music taste in the game, and the top Featured Music Blogs to visit.
Be sure to check out this new platform when you are done browsing our new features. Together our goal is educate the masses for the music we love.  It's as simple as that :)
Flowers and Sea Creatures – Afternoons & Afterhours | Remixes

Flowers and Sea Creatures – Afternoons & Afterhours | Remixes Comments

I would have to say that right now MFR has to be one of the hottest labels out right now, and that's saying a lot. Here the leading Canadian indie dance label My Favorite Robot returns to a huge release from earlier in the year by Montreal duo Flowers and Sea Creatures. Their ‘Afternoons & Afterhours’ release featuring Wrong Jeremy was a serene and widescreen EP that built patiently and won them many fans, and now label regulars Eric Volta and Speaking Minds, alongside Adriatique remix CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Skena – Steyoyoke Black Podcast #001

T.G.I.M.: Skena – Steyoyoke Black Podcast #001 Comments

Thank God It's Monday! I was meaning to take it easy this weekend and just have some local fun, but of course in ROLLINGTUFF fashion, I didn't take it that easy... So yet another Sunday passes, and I wake up Monday morning wondering WTF I got into these past two days. And although I feel like crap, what still gets me through the day is knowing that I have some solid Techno lined up for all of you by the likes of Skena. Steyoyoke Black is a sub imprint of  Steyoyoke, which showcases the darker CONTINUE READING
Dragon Suplex – Whatever | EP

Dragon Suplex – Whatever | EP Comments

Some quality deep house we have right here folks. Hawaii's very own Asylum Confidential presents the new EP from the Swiss Dou Dragon Suplex with remixes from MATT FEAR, In.Phrequent feat Phillip Charles & Willis Haltom & Dozeguise. 5 solid tracks to get you going no matter what time it is or where you are. Full release out September 24th CONTINUE READING
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix) | City Slang

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix) | City Slang Comments

Caribou’s summer-consuming single has been given an official remix. Mano Le Tough and Tale Of Us take on Can’t Do Without You, the first single from Caribou’s hotly anticipated album Our Love. The remix keeps the magic of the original with a some subtle arrangements and new percussion to give an approach more geared towards the dance floor. A legitimate and full-length version has been uploaded by Berlin-based duo, Tale Of Us. The need for scouring through festival footage on YouTube CONTINUE READING
Re Dupre – New York & California | PopArt

Re Dupre – New York & California | PopArt Comments

With no introduction necessary, Renato Dupre has to be one of the focal points of Brazilian underground music. His heavy hitting basslines and exertive synths, rank him amongst the top of the respective G-House artists within the industry. With a handful of releases on some of the most prominent labels around, Re Dupre has taken his project to an entirely different level. As head chief of both PopArt and Miami Underground Records, there should be no doubt in the amount of passion he has towards CONTINUE READING

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