Dauwd – Saleh EP | Kompakt Records

Dauwd – Saleh EP | Kompakt Records Comments


Based out of London, Dauwd is a producer that has been seeing a great deal of attention over the span of his career. His ingenious keyboard work and ability to mélange layers, makes him one of my favorite artist to represent the infamous Kompakt records. The latest EP ‘Kindlinn’ has received the highest support from some of the most innovative and sought-after artists throughout the industry.

One will be able to find plenty of sub-sonic sounds caressed by the most flattering of basslines displayed throughout both productions. The synths alone construct a dreamy platform indulging the masterful percussion operation, which in turn, constructs the perfect atmosphere. Moiety takes the more electric route with its plunging bassline and assertive jabs, while Saleh focuses more on the percussion elements and celestial synths. With a countless amount of top-drawer productions under Dauwd's belt, you can always expect to hear something innovative and unique. Hope you enjoy!

Released By: Kompakt

Release/Catalogue Number: KOM 317

Release Date: 20 October 2014

Architects & Waves – “A New Generation of Music From OM Records”

Architects & Waves – “A New Generation of Music From OM Records” Comments

The storied San Franciscan OM Records have recently endeavored to turn a new corner after nearly 20 years as a steadfast contender in the electronic & hip hop game that has seen them release records from dance music giants like Kaskade and Mark Farina. Their "Architects & Waves" compilation showcases 16 new tracks from an assortment of both new and beloved underground artists whose music lands somewhere in "the intersections of Indie, chill-wave, minimal, down-tempo and disco." If anyone CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Shadow Child- Verknipt ADE Special Podcast #002 |Deep House Amsterdam

T.G.I.M.: Shadow Child- Verknipt ADE Special Podcast #002 |Deep House Amsterdam Comments

This is a special T.G.I.M. because some of our team has made the journey all the way to Amsterdam this morning to take part in A.D.E. and its surrounding festivities. While we are over there we will be catching up with our friends at Deep House Amsterdam, so I thought why not share their most recent exclusive mix by none other than UK's own Shadow Child. Some of you were lucky enough to check out his label showcase here in Los Angeles a week or so back, and if you did, then you know how amazing CONTINUE READING
Words With – Soul Button

Words With – Soul Button Comments

Since giving birth to Steyoyoke a little over 2 years ago, Soul Button has spent a lot of quality time breathing life into this label. As the heart and soul of Steyoyoke, his producing skills make him a pioneer and an innovator of sound. He is consistently exploring new ideas and expanding his own personal projects. As an artist in todays industry itʼs safe to say that both his music and persona, go totally against the grain. Free from conformity, expectation or image limitations, he is empowered CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 31 | Chus + Ceballos

TUFF Tape Vol. 31 | Chus + Ceballos Comments

Our newest TUFF Tape comes to us courtesy of Ibizan legends Chus + Ceballos.  Recorded at one of their recent Chicago gigs, the mix is a rock-solid hour block of the peak time Iberian tech house they're internationally known for.  Although focused and surgical as only a duo with as much experience can be, this set covers plenty of the ground between dark techno muscle and uplifting house sensibilities, which is what makes C+C so widely appealing in the first place. They do a smash up job of CONTINUE READING
Keine Moniker ft. JR Burnside – Lonely EP | Motek

Keine Moniker ft. JR Burnside – Lonely EP | Motek Comments

"Keine Moniker comes to Motek Music with a stripped back, punchy, vocal driven production. ‘Lonely’ takes shape with an Indie/Deep vibe, simple in makeup, laid-back in feel and keeping real dance floor appeal. With straight up percussion adding swing by way of the snare and fast moving hi hats, space is left for the crisp rising vocals, provided by JR Burnside. Along with the kick, the bass provides the real weight, movement and main instrumental tune to the track, which is finished with floating CONTINUE READING

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