TUFF Tape Vol. 31 | Chus + Ceballos

TUFF Tape Vol. 31 | Chus + Ceballos Comments


Our newest TUFF Tape comes to us courtesy of Ibizan legends Chus + Ceballos.  Recorded at one of their recent Chicago gigs, the mix is a rock-solid hour block of the peak time Iberian tech house they're internationally known for.  Although focused and surgical as only a duo with as much experience can be, this set covers plenty of the ground between dark techno muscle and uplifting house sensibilities, which is what makes C+C so widely appealing in the first place.

They do a smash up job of constantly building energy while weaving between and fusing classic tracks with some summer island hits, like Patrick Topping's ubiquitous 'Forget' on Hot Creations.  Things start sunny and positive before veering into some darker and more aggressive territory.  If there's a way to get amped for their headlining set at Exchange tomorrow night, this tape is it.  Saturday, they're getting some strong local support from Adam Auburn and Steve Prior, and will be streaming the whole party live on Clone TV.



They've also got a new original track for [FREE DOWNLOAD] for you over on their Soundcloud that should help tide you over.
Keine Moniker ft. JR Burnside – Lonely EP | Motek

Keine Moniker ft. JR Burnside – Lonely EP | Motek Comments

"Keine Moniker comes to Motek Music with a stripped back, punchy, vocal driven production. ‘Lonely’ takes shape with an Indie/Deep vibe, simple in makeup, laid-back in feel and keeping real dance floor appeal. With straight up percussion adding swing by way of the snare and fast moving hi hats, space is left for the crisp rising vocals, provided by JR Burnside. Along with the kick, the bass provides the real weight, movement and main instrumental tune to the track, which is finished with floating CONTINUE READING
Doorly & Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Truth | Toolroom ADE Sampler

Doorly & Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Truth | Toolroom ADE Sampler Comments

Just back from what looked to be  like a wicked season in Ibiza, Doorly sent us his new collaboration with Harry "Choo Choo" Romero for the Toolroom ADE sampler. Apparently it's already in the top 10 chart on Beatport Tech House! The tune is groovy with a bit of the darkness and ample percussion. "Choo Choo" Romero is a dj/producer that has created a huge impact in the scene. Therefore, it is great to see Doorly collaborating with such an inspiration. It's no wonder this track is reaching the CONTINUE READING
T.G.I.M.: Maelstrom – Overdrive Infinity Mix

T.G.I.M.: Maelstrom – Overdrive Infinity Mix Comments

Thank God Its Monday... Another weekend, another Bender, another T.G.I.M  that will get your week started right. Maelstrom is on the darker spectrum of the techno genre and hailing from the small town of Nantes, France will do that to you..."Fusing together the sounds of classic Detroit techno with key elements of modern electro but with French class and sophistication, every tracks rather it be a remix or original production are carefully and expertly crafted. Each full of heartily bass pressure CONTINUE READING
Monday Social – Pirupa | Affkt | Nice7 – October 6th, 2014

Monday Social – Pirupa | Affkt | Nice7 – October 6th, 2014 Comments

Fresh off the boat has a new meaning to me today, having returned from The Groove Cruise yesterday full of new memories and new music. The sets performed over the past three nights were simply amazing, so much so that even in my weathered state, I will be attending Monday Social tonight to see three of my favorite artists from the Cruise. Pirupa, Affkt, and Nice7 are all under one roof tonight and to say that its a stacked lineup is an understatement in itself. Make sure to get there before CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 31 – JOill

TUFF Tape Vol. 31 – JOill Comments

JOill, Detroit-bred, has been calling San Francisco his home since 2001. His name is a combination of the classic American name, "JO", combined with his Korean roots & middle name,"ill", which, let’s face it, sounds awesome in any language. JOill has been performing since 1986. His background & training as a jazz saxophonist granted him the soulful musical comprehension that he would later incorporate into his dance music career. The concrete jungle classrooms of Chicago and Detroit CONTINUE READING
Groove Cruise LA – Monday Social Stage | Kedd Cook Top Picks

Groove Cruise LA – Monday Social Stage | Kedd Cook Top Picks Comments

Today we set out to sea embarking on this year's Groove Cruise LA! With so much anticipation, I went ahead and picked out a few DJ's on the Monday Social stage which I just can't wait to see. First, Lee Burridge, known for his magical Robot Heart sets at Burning Man, Lee just played at Lovelife's 'Love Boat' 3 year anniversary party and had the whole boat shakin'! Next on Thursday's line-up includes LA's very own Droog. You can call them the residents of Los Angeles's underground scene, CONTINUE READING

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