Johannes Brecht – Enjoy The Void | BOSO

Johannes Brecht – Enjoy The Void | BOSO Comments


Mario Basanov's BOSO imprint maintains the high standard of the first two releases on the third outing: Stuttgart's Johannes Brecht delivers three meticulously crafted deep, progressive tracks on his Enjoy The Void EP.

The EP evokes the melancholy of solitude of exploring other worlds and spaces through a mature and restrained sonic palette.  The vocals on the lead cut 'Enjoy The Void' carry a cool concept, but we have to say that we do prefer the included instrumental version.

'Another World' matches the vibe of 'Void,' while 'Fallen Angel' sounds a bit more muscular and stripped down.

While Void probably isn't quite as memorable as the two prior BOSO EPs, it does not disappoint, and ought to interest those who are following this melodic synth-based sound as it continue to mature.

This promo video is liable to pique your interest if we haven't:

Noir & Caitlin – Black (Extended Version) + Remix

Noir & Caitlin – Black (Extended Version) + Remix Comments

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PREMIERE : Hernene – In My Room EP | Les Professionnels Remix

PREMIERE : Hernene – In My Room EP | Les Professionnels Remix Comments

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Founded back in 2006 by Robbie Akbal (Facebook | Soundcloud), Akbal Music has been a dominant force throughout the dance music industry. Based out of Mexico, this cutting-edge label features the sounds of artists such as: Kiki, Patlac, Miguel Puente, Robbie Akbal, Aidan Lavelle, Special Case (Culprit) and Muan + FÜCHUSE. With each artist contributing a great deal of releases topping the Beatport charts, Akbal Music should be familiar to most by now. Celebrating their 8 YEARS OF AKBAL MUSIC, CONTINUE READING
TUFF Tape Vol. 37 – Matt Hardinge

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Sintope Radioshow #003 – Stan Ritch

Sintope Radioshow #003 – Stan Ritch Comments

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