Serotonin Sunday – Simon Baker Comments

After catching a DJ/Producer in the club it’s just a natural instinct to hunt out their old records, and keep a keen eye for new material which is how I stumbled upon Simon Baker after seeing him at the Electric Pickle in Miami for the Get Lost Party. Below is a podcast mix from when he was out in Mexico for the BPM festival that I have had on repeat since Miami.

The Osaka Nights EP is more safe dance floor music from the 20:20 Vision man and a further showcase of his talents after the multi faceted Traces album. Experimenting with a myriad of sounds across the three tracks, Osaka Nights is further ostentation of Bakers collection of analog hardware and his penchant club tracks that tip slightly further than standard house records. His use of emotional chords and indie sounding samples over functional club music probably explores further into his urge to create interesting yet familiar music in a scene of overdone trends and bandwagons. Pezzner steps up to the remix plate for two reworks of Osaka Nights, both of which are equally impressive and for this listener and stand out as the must have tracks from this record. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday peeps!


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