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I recently made and posted up a bootleg remix of Chim Chim Cheree from the musical Mary Poppins, and since, I've mastered it up a little and my good friend Worth (@pozitivmusic) chopped up a killer rendition of the original scene from the movie to match the tune. I have to say, chimneysweeps dancing to dubstep may be the coolest thing I've seen in long time. CONTINUE READING

Spotlight: OHAY Comments

OHAY is a 19 year old named Oliver Haywood who comes straight out of Malibu, CA. You wouldn't believe it but he's only beenĀ producing for about 10 months and DJing for 7, but is a man of many instruments so it's not at all foreign to him. We caught up with our buddy Oliver and here's what he had to say... I like mixing dubstep in 150 BPM to give it more energy but I like including 130ish BPM house and drum n' bass / drumstep in my sets as well. I really just love the music and mixing and put all CONTINUE READING

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