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Casino Gold – All I Need | EP

Casino Gold – All I Need | EP Comments

Local L.A. boys Casino Gold just released a new EP on the up and coming label, Perfect Driver Music. The self titled first track, 'All I Need' was recently selected as the opening tune on The Magician's Magic Tape 38, and since then it has been blowing up around the deep house world. Expect big things from these two as they dive head first into a new sound that keeps true to the California House sound. Enjoy the free download! CONTINUE READING

The Magician – Magic Tape Thirty-One Comments

The Magician has once again made a phenomenal mix tape "Thirty-One" filled with the freshest new tracks all compiled into one "tape." There isn't much to say about it because if you know whats new and out there, then the chances are that you have just recently heard most of these tracks.  The music in the scene is getting more creative as collaborations and live acts have become a focal point in this sect of the industry, and this mix has it all. I always look forward to The Magicians' mix tapes, CONTINUE READING

Sam Sparro- Shades of Grey | Plastic Plates Remix Comments

Plastic Plates does it again releasing a new remix of Sam Sparro’s , "Shades of Grey."Felix is featured through a good amount of The Magician's mixes and it is apparent why. The incredibly talented Dj/producer Felix Bloxsom delivers his magical 80’s touch with cruising lyrics and funky vibe. Track is scheduled to be released in just a few days  on November 27th on EMI Records. Enjoy and Happy Turkey Day! CONTINUE READING

[Release] The Magician – Magic Tape Sixteen Comments

Well, it's about that time of the month again. No, I am not referring to the fact that I just found blood on my couch again; this is a much more joyous occasion than yet another menstrual mishap. It is time for some straight-up 5-star disco-funk with The Magician's monthly Magic Tape series.  In case you haven't heard, this guy is an absolute phenom for putting together fantastic groove-titillating masterpieces so if you are in LA over the weekend, make sure to catch The Magician at The Shrine CONTINUE READING

The Magician – I Don’t Know What To Do Comments

Stephan Fasano, once 1/2 of Aeroplane and now calls himself The Magician has released his first ever single under the new alias and it's titled I Don’t Know What To Do with vocals from Jeppe. The record will be released by Kitsuné Music on October 3 with remixes by Plastic Plates and Fabian. The Magician has been making major moves online with his Magic Tape Mixtape series which are just straight fire. Don't be the dummy who misses this guy when he comes to the States for his set during CONTINUE READING

Who needs Criss Angel when you have…The Magician! Comments

His background is shrouded in mystery, his powers are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about among men. He goes by different names one being Stephen Fasano, but folks just call him The Magician. One night not so long ago, he appeared from a place between space and time. The Magician stepped into this world, materializing in a cloud of crystal stars and soft pink smoke. Some say he is the guardian angel of all resident DJ’s, others claim he’s a former airline pilot who crashed CONTINUE READING

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